Let’s double back to Mads Mikkelsen for a moment, who has been a regular chatterbox lately. The Radio Times spoke with the man behind Galen Erso and he spilled just enough information to partially confirm what some fans have long-expected about his character:

He’s the father of our main character Felicity Jones, and at the same time he is a scientist. And then uh, if people have watched the other films I’m sure they can add two and two.

And let’s dip our toes into potential spoilers as we discuss what this could mean. Skim past this next paragraph if that’s going to bother you. Anyway, it has long been believed that Galen is the man who designs the Death Star for the Empire (very likely against his will), which makes Jyn Erso’s quest to retrieve the plans more personal – she’s trying to shut down her own father’s work! It’s still not clear if Galen is a hero who supports his daughter’s mission or a villain who is proud of what he’s accomplished and that may remain a mystery until we’re sitting in theaters.

Darth Vader

Although James Earl Jones provided the booming voice of Darth Vader, that iconic suit was actually filled out by English bodybuilder David Prowse. Although he played the former Anakin Skywalker in the original trilogy, his relationship with Lucasfilm has grown tenuous over the years and he was reportedly banned from attending official Star Wars connections in 2010 by George Lucas himself. So naturally, he was the absolute last person to hear about Darth Vader returning in Rogue One, responding to the Radio Times with:

I didn’t know anything about Darth Vader coming back actually … Where did this come from?

And yeah, he seems a little bummed out that he wasn’t asked to wear the costume one more time:

It’d be nice to be offered the job again, because I’m still fit and healthy, and I’m still Darth Vader in and around the country. I get loads and loads of requests, you know, to do loads of personal appearances, both as myself and him. People are still very interested in Darth Vader.

Nobody tell him that they’re bringing back Jones to provide the voice once more. Let him live in peace!

While things have gotten a little more interesting behind the scenes, there’s no denying that Rogue One still looks like a good movie in trailer form. The first TV spot for the film doesn’t reveal anything new and is just a 30-second remix of footage from the first trailer, but man, that footage really does look great in action and that siren really does get the blood pumping.

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