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Earlier this week, the /Film team wrote about the comic books that we think should be made into TV shows. We then opened the floor to our readers: which comics do you want to see adapted? And you let us know!

We have collected our favorite answers (edited for length and clarity) below. Next week’s question: who are your favorite movie parents? Send your (at least one paragraph, please) answer to!

comics that should be shows black science

Black Science

Grant McKay has done the impossible. He’s created a way to visit multiple universes and has decided to travel to them using the tech that made it all possible — “The Pillar”. Traveling through multiple universes may seem pretty easy, but for Grant and team, things take a very bad turn. When the Pillar is sabotaged, Grant and his “Dimensionauts” are thrust deeper and deeper into “The Eververse” — the name given to the multiple Earths they visit, and the deeper they go, the more erratic and unstable the Pillar becomes.

No longer is this about a historic walk onto the other side. It becomes a race against time to get back home — with death, diseases, mysterious creatures, magical beings and sometimes themselves standing in the way

Black Science has been able to give a pinpoint focus to an otherwise very broad story, but writer Rick Remender and artist Matteo Scalera have found a focus that makes everything come together so well: family. The lengths Grant and his alternative selves will go to to save his children, and by extension his team, is nothing short of breathtaking. This is a protagonist who is constantly being beaten down and, in some cases, killed, only for him to come back and continue where his past self left off.

This show would be mind-bending  and edge-of-your-seat thrilling. While getting home would be the end goal, the sheer difficulty these characters must go through to get there is what makes this series so mesmerizing and gripping to watch. It’s science-fiction and fantasy run amok, but it’s science-fiction and fantasy done in such a way that it feels fresh. (Ellis Ripley)

comics that should be shows ex machina

Ex Machina

Since Locke & Key is already in the works, I think we are begging for an Ex Machina series. For those unfamiliar, Ex Machina is basically a twist on the Nathan Petrelli storyline from Heroes, with a superhero being elected mayor of New York City. The story balances superhero action, political jockeying, and personal intrigue.

The main character, Mitchell Hundred (superhero name: The Great Machine), is portrayed as an unlikely, overwhelmed hero. He’s someone who slowly recognizes the weight and affect of his powers on himself and many others. The story tackles interesting questions like what comes after a superhero comes to light? How do superheroes deal with the limits of their powers? And is the government a superhero? Short answer: No.

Beyond having interesting drama and conflict, when you read Ex Machina, it feels like a TV show. Every issue features some sort of hammer dropping with the omen of building something larger and it compels you to keep reading. Ex Machina has the right tone, interesting story lines, and powerful characters to make it on the Great Machine in our living rooms. (Seth Finck)

comics that should be shows the mask

The Mask

Comparing Dark Horse Comics’ The Mask to the Jim Carrey movie is like comparing night to day. The comics are like if Tex Avery met the Terminator: the cartoonish violence of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but the real-life consequences of a Scorcese gangster drama.

Was The Mask the hero Edge City deserved? It depends on who was wearing it. Sometimes The Mask could be like a crazed private detective, keeping the streets safe, and sometimes he could be a corrupt force of nature that even his fellow criminals feared and had no idea how to stop. Regardless of who wore it, the character was always the same but his intentions could suddenly turn on a dime. The Mask’s silent arch enemy Walter is a character audiences need to experience. You won’t hear him laughing at any wisecracks. (Robert Fitl)

comics that should be shows ms marvel

Ms. Marvel

Marvel hasn’t had a lot of female-led projects – Agent Carter and Jessica Jones are the only two in television, and there is nothing in the movies until Captain Marvel comes out. But there is another marvel that Marvel should have us marvel at: Ms. Marvel.

This is my favorite comic series and it’s the only one I still currently read. In fact, it brought me back to reading comics after a long absence. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American Muslim Teenager who lives in New Jersey and gains powers (she can shapeshift) and names herself after her idol, Captain Marvel.

In the comics, she’s a huge fangirl of other superheroes, so cameos from various people in the MCU would be very entertaining. At the same time, her “domestic” story is just as compelling. Her strict traditional parents are trying to get Kamala to live like them, and she is more modern, and worries about things like crushes and homework. That creates tension that you’d see in any prime time drama which could draw the “regular” viewers in as well. It’s a crime that this hasn’t been adapted yet. (Matt Vernier)

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