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Are there any young horror filmmakers working right now that you admire?

Oh, yeah! Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of [You’re Next director] Adam Wingard. I love his movies. And I just saw that movie The Witch the other day.

The Witch is great.

It’s a great movie. That’s the cool thing about horror. While we’re talking right now, there’s some young guy out there making a horror movie and, a year or two from now, we’ll be like “The future of horror is here!”

That’s part of the fun of the genre. The genre is the star.

That’s absolutely true.

You don’t need major stars. You can build whatever you want out of it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s crazy how that works.

Is there a definitive release date for Phantasm 5 yet?

No, it’s not set yet. It’s coming very imminently. It’ll be very, very soon. It’s very exciting. It’s been a long haul. It was pretty much ready to go and then whole rollout of the remaster kind of slowed everything up. But now we’re planning to start screening and do some actual theatrical dates with them. The thing about the remaster, and Ravager, is that you have to see them in a theater. So we have to get our dates lined up. I definitely believe that the folks who were fans of the original movie and the series are really going to be excited to see the new movie. We didn’t have many resources, but character-wise, it’s the fitting conclusion to everything. It’s Angus’ last screen performance. We shot all of his sequences when he was healthy and vibrant. He’s amazing in the role. Reggie’s back, he kicks ass, he’s got his four barrel shotgun, he meets this girl, you know it’s not going to end well, and there’s the bloodiest sphere-kills. The bodies hit the floor and the blood flows! That’s pretty cool. I think that it’s a fitting conclusion for Phantasm.

There’s nothing horror fans like more than ranking and comparing long-running horror series and it’s so fun that you’ve made all of these. It’s special. It’s not like Hellraiser, where there’s a revolving door of directors churning them out. Even if you prefer one Phantasm movie over another, they’re all Coscarelli films.

That is so nice of you to say. It’ll be interesting. I haven’t sat down watched one through five yet, but one day, I plan to watch them in sequence and see how that works.

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