Peter Sciretta’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

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Russ Fischer, Germain Lussier¬†and Angie Han have already posted their most anticipated films of 2015 lists, and all three lists are very different. Germain’s list is comprised of mostly mainstream accessible big releases; Russ has a mix of filmmaker-focused picks and big studio tentpoles; and Angie’s list… had The Little Prince in the top five. While all three lists are great, I found that there were many films not listed on either list that I was looking forward to. So after the jump, you can find my listing of the most anticipated movies of 2015.

[For additional looks forward to movies in 2015, see our additional staff lists from Russ Fischer, Germain Lussier, and Angie Han.]

If you’ve ever read any of my lists on the site, then you know I just can’t narrow things down to ten options and tend to go much longer than I should. So it should come to no surprise that my most anticipated movies of 2015 list is comprised of a few dozen films. I apologize in advance, but there are just too many films that I’m excited about and want to share them all. I have, however, ranked them, so if you want just my top ten picks you can skip to the chase. However I’d encourage you to check out the rest because thats where many of the different choices fall. There, you’re likely going to discover some films you weren’t aware or forgot were coming this next year.

Runners Up

These movies for whatever reason didn’t make my top 30 most anticipated movies of 2014, even though I’m still very interested and excited about them.

mission impossible

Mission: Impossible 5

I loved the last two Mission: Impossible films, but I’ve heard the fifth installment might be a real mess and no one knows how Christopher McQuarrie’s film will turn out.

project almanac trailer

Project Almanac

Project Almanac should have me more excited then I am but the plot seems to be a found footage take on some elementary concepts already explored in my favorite film of all time, Back to the Future. The film had a sneak preview at Comic Con and those in attendance were surprised at how much they enjoyed the film which has me optimistic.

Entourage (header)


I watched the HBO television series and loved how it lampooned the world of Hollywood, but I’m worried the movie will be less about the world of Hollywood and more about the core group of characters, who I have never been entirely invested in.

young sarah connor terminator Genisys

Terminator: Genisys

I have to admit, I haven’t been very excited about the latest Terminator movie but the recent teaser trailer got me interested in the franchise again. The divergent timeline concept at the start of the film has earned my interest, but the shorts of the group trying to infiltrate skynet or cyberdine reeks of more of the same.


Victor Frankenstein

Max Landis‘ original script was great and 20th Century Fox seems to be in a renaissance which makes me hopeful for this prequel/reboot/adaptation.

The Scorch Trials concept art

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

I actually really dug the debut chapter in this series, but I’m not sure if I will find the evolution of this story as interesting as the Lost-style mystery box inside a mystery box construct of the first film.

Pitch Perfect 2 backstage

Pitch Perfect 2

The first Pitch Perfect was not even close to being on my most anticipated list for 2012, but the Bring It On-style comedy won my heart. For some reason I’m worried the sequel won’t recapture the magic of the original, but I’m still a fan of everyone involved and very much looking forward to it. In a less-packed year it would be in my list proper.



Anytime Martin Scorsese makes a feature film I will buy a ticket. However, the subject matter doesn’t necessarily excite me and the fact that it is a passion project worries me, too. Those are often not great. The fact that a Scorsese movie doesnt make my top 30 most anticipated films of the year goes to show you the awesome promise of this upcoming year.

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