Mini-Geek Deal: Amazon is selling Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Vols. 1-3 DVD for $17.99, 70% off the retail price.

Judd Apatow has announced that director Albert Brooks has joined twitter as @albertbrooks.

BOOM! has provided GeeksOfDoom with the 8-page digital Prelude to the comic book Hellraiser #1, “At the Tolling of a Bell.”

IMDB user rishi85 claims to have been to Pinewood Toronto Studios where they are shooting Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus:

“It should rank as one of the highlights of my life so far. I am a screen-writing student in Ottawa and our class had a 3 day visit to Toronto to pitch our ideas to the studios.  After the usual meetings with script editors and agents I, all alone, made my way to the studio.  I have never seen production facilities in my life and it sure left an impression. [It was] like a huge warehouse overlooking the sea. I walked in the facility and could see huge RVs all around.  I went around asking some officials if they knew where Prometheus was being shot and as it turned out- It was the only movie being shot at the moment.  I met one of the guards or officials and talked to him for around twenty minutes.  He told me that there is a set piece which is 3 blocks high and one of the most “alien” things he has ever seen.The highlight was when he said they had built two massive spaceships or some futuristic vehicle which was very un-futuristic.  I was confused but realized what he meant was the spaceships would probably be very un-glossy. Something like a night-mare of a ship and the Nostromo came to mind automatically.  I asked him about Ridley but he said he wasn’t around…”

ShortList lists 15 alternative Jaws poster.

ScriptShadow lists 10 Great Scripts That For Some Reason Remain Unmade.

This is what a personal letter from Steve Martin looks like.

Film School Rejects wrote a counterpoint article to Angie’s Sucker Punch Empowerment editorial.

/Film reader Fredo H made the ‘Bunny Meka’ from Zack Snyder‘s Sucker Punch out of Lego.

THR lists the 10 biggest box office bombs of all time.

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