Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal

Nightcrawler is not a film featuring the furry blue X-Man, but don’t close the tab just yet! The film features Jake Gyllenhaal as a small-time crook in Los Angeles, and, well, we don’t know much more. The first teaser for the movie is a bit out of the ordinary, and is actually pretty refreshing. It features some intense work from Gyllenhaal, and leaves a lot of room for you to figure out what comes next. Check out the Nightcrawler teaser below.

The teaser showed up via a Craigstlist post advertising a hard-working man looking for a job.

The Wrap offers some more details. The film is written and directed by Dan Gilroy, co-writer of The Bourne Legacy, and brother of Tony Gilroy. The film shot last year, and hit Cannes this past May.

Gyllenhaal plays “a small-time Los Angeles criminal who gets a little too swept up in the nocturnal world of the city’s crime journalism community.” Beyond that, all we know is that it co-stars Rene RussoBill Paxton and Riz Ahmed.

Open Road Films will release the movie, having bought rights at Cannes earlier this year. Nightcrawler is set for release on October 17.

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