spider-man homecoming trailer 38

As we’ve seen from previous marketing, at least one portion of Homecoming takes place in Washington D.C. and now we know why Peter is forced to suit up while visiting the nation’s capital: there’s some kind of incident at the Washington Monument. That blue explosion looks an awful lot like the alien energy beam we saw Adrian Toomes using earlier in the trailer.

spider-man homecoming trailer 39

And because Tony Stark designed this suit, that spider emblem isn’t just for show. It detaches…

spider-man homecoming trailer 40

…and flies away, revealing itself to be a little drone. It’s specific use has yet to be revealed, but surely this thing will act as Spidey’s eyes and ears in difficult to reach locations.

spider-man homecoming trailer 41

Whatever the Washington Monument incident turns out to be, it seems to involve Peter’s science club. Note the matching yellow jackets on the students behind him! Is he just rescuing his fellow students from an error of their making or has the Vulture decided to make this battle personal?

spider-man homecoming trailer 42

So, how does a guy in a wing suit battle a human spider? Simple: you drag him so high into the sky that his web-slinging, wall-crawling abilities become completely useless.

spider-man homecoming trailer 43

If I had to guess, I’d say this entire plane sequence is the bridge between Peter having a quiet chat with Adrian Toomes and the scene with Peter defeated on the beach, surrounded by wreckage. And despite this sequence ending the trailer, this probably isn’t even from the movie’s third act. Marvel has gotten pretty good about hiding their final action scenes until their movies actually hit theaters.

spider-man homecoming trailer 44

As you’d expect from a mid-air battle where he’s wearing only a hoodie and ski mask, this fight does not seem to be going well for Peter.

spider-man homecoming trailer 45

And to be fair, it doesn’t seem to be going well for the plane, either.

spider-man homecoming trailer 46

Anyway, let’s close this out with a shot of homemade Spider-Man in action. This looks so goofy and I love it.

spider-man homecoming trailer 47

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens on July 7, 2017.

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