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Speaking of Ned Leeds and speaking of science clubs, here are the two chums working on some kind of project together. It’s not clear what they’re doing, but this is an angle of Peter Parker that has been sorely missed in previous cinematic incarnations: he’s a total science geek and wiz-kid capable of cooking up all kinds of cool gadgets and experiments.

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Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes (who suits up as the villainous Vulture) has been described as a dark mirror to Tony Stark: a blue collar, middle class businessman who didn’t have the world handed to him on a silver platter. And from this shot, it looks that point will be driven home. However, it’s not clear if he somehow got his hands on an actual Iron Man face plate (unlikely) or is holding a Halloween mask, as seen in the original trailer (likely).

spider-man homecoming trailer 15

We have also heard that Toomes turns to a life of crime when his salvaging business, which has grown to specialize in dealing with the aftermath of chaotic superhero brawls, finds itself threatened by a new Tony Stark initiative. This shot suggests that Stark’s new endeavor has direct ties to comics lore. In the Marvel universe, Damage Control is a company that specializes in cleaning up after superheroes, clearing rubble and taking care of any otherworldly side-effects. The company has even had their own series focusing on the employees, offering a humorous look at the Marvel world and the more normal people living within it. It looks like Damage Control will be entering the MCU and it will now be founded by Stark Industries and/or the Avengers.

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Like all good super villains, Adrian Toomes’ civilian clothes reflect his dark side. In this case, that oversized, fluffy collar is very much a callback to the traditional Vulture costume (which has otherwise received a serious upgrade in this movie).

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It’s still not clear who Logan Marshall-Green and Donald Glover are playing in Homecoming, but the fact that they’re dealing with alien weaponry certainly suggests that they’re up to no good. We’ve previously spitballed that they will eventually be members of a new Sinister Six founded by Adrian Toomes (Bokeem Woodbine is playing Shocker, after all). If so, which familiar Spider-Man baddies could they be taking on?

spider-man homecoming trailer 18

Back in the day, the Vulture was just an old guy in a green wing suit. And now he has these…

spider-man homecoming trailer 19

…and that. When this villain was first announced, we wondered how this old school villain could be made threatening on the big screen and now we know: a bunch of salvaged alien technology and an total overhaul of his suit. And also Michael Keaton, of course.

spider-man homecoming trailer 20

Hey may not be directing movies for Marvel anymore, but it’s nice to see Jon Favreau still hanging around the MCU as “Happy” Hogan, Tony Stark’s completely unnecessary bodyguard.

spider-man homecoming trailer 22

The climactic shots of the first trailer featured Spider-Man desperately trying to save a ferry as it was torn in half and now we know why he’s there in the first place: there’s crime afoot! Maybe these are members of Vulture’s gang and this encounter is what encourages him to make his hasty (and destructive) retreat.

spider-man homecoming trailer 23

Come for the cool shot of Spider-Man webbing up two foes, stay for the license plate easter egg: that’s SM2-0563, or Amazing Spider-Man #2, which hit shelves in May 1963 and featured the first appearance of Vulture. Does this imply that the ferry scene will be Vulture’s first big moment in the movie?

spider-man homecoming trailer 24

Spider-Man may be a “street-level” superhero, but he has his fair share of tricks and gadgets. While Tony Stark has given Spider-Man an upgraded suit, this delayed webbing grenade is definitely the kind of thing Peter would cook up in his bedroom in the comic book world.

spider-man homecoming trailer 25

We saw the destruction of the ferry by the Vulture in the previous trailer, where it felt like some kind of climactic scene. The new trailer suggests that it arrives closer the midpoint, as the moment where Peter realizes that he’s bit off far more than he can chew and has met an enemy who will truly test him.

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