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Sound the Rogue One Klaxon: Lucasfilm Animation has a new logo.

The company, which was first established back in 2003, seems to be changing its logo for the first time in over a decade, when it used its old logo on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars theatrical feature film. Check out the new look below, which includes a helmet Lucasfilm Animation fans will likely recognize.


Lucasfilm Animation logo (large)

Lucasfilm Animation Logo

Jayson over at Yakfaceforums noticed that Lucasfilm officially registered this new logo last week, and it features the image of a Clone Trooper helmet replacing the “o.” Here’s a better look at some the troopers:

CGI Clone Troopers

The filing included the following listings:

88605560 G & S:  Entertainment services in the field of film and television, namely, the creation, production of films, videos, animation, and computer generated images; animation production services

88605539 G & S: Pre-recorded CD-ROMs, compact discs, and DVDs and downloadable audiovisual files featuring pre-recorded films, animation, games, music, computer game software and video game software; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing computer games and video games; video game software and manuals sold as a unit; interactive video game programs; interactive computer game programs featuring science fiction, action, adventure, animation, drama, or music; interactive multimedia software; interactive multimedia game software

The company used a different logo in the credits of the 2008 Clone Wars movie:

And yet another one in the first episode of The Clone Wars TV series:

Yakfaceforums speculates that this new logo may mark the first of many clone-related tie-ins that we could see over the next year, given that the final season of The Clone Wars TV series is heading to Disney+ in February 2020. You can check out the most recent trailer for the upcoming seventh season here, and click through several early concept sketches for the series here.

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