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We’ve seen the first five episodes of Marvel’s new Netflix television series Daredevil and very much enjoyed it. Instead of giving you a review (heck, you’re going to binge watch it over the weekend, right?) I thought we’d list ten things we were surprised to learn about the Netflix Daredevil TV series.

I have tried to keep spoiler details to a minimum, but the following article contains some minor plot details from the first four episode of Daredevil.

Daredevil Batman Begins

The Show Seems Very Inspired By Batman Begins

These days, Batman Begins is considered the gold standard for superhero origin stories. Well, expect to be talking about it a lot during Daredevil. The show’s first big action sequence takes place on a dock between shipping contaniers, much like the first reveal of Batman in Begins.

In a later episode, Daredevil is on top of a thug and screams “Give me a name!” in almost a dead on Christian Bale imitation.  Plus, we get a flashback to Matt Murdock’s father giving his son advice which shares the same themes as those in Batman Begins, such as getting up after you fall.


You will see the red Daredevil costume earlier than you expect.

As you know, Daredevil started his vigilante days with a much simpler black outfit and the television series also begins with this stripped down concept. Many fans have speculated that we won’t see the signature red daredevil outfit until at very least the final episode of the first season. Well, I can tell you you’ll get a glimpse of it a whole lot earlier than that — in the first minutes of the first episode. In a later episode, Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson) tells Matt that his “outfit kind’ve sucks by the way” to which Matt responds: “It’s a work in progress.”

The credit sequence recreates New York City landmarks in a red dripping liquid, a recreation of how daredevil almost sees the world. The title logo ends with a reveal of the Daredevil red costume. (Which was shown in more detail by a Netflix promo.) Will we see Charlie Cox in the red tights this season? Showrunner Steven DeKnight told us:

I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a red suit. But I will say, one of the things that really drew me to this project was the fact that they didn’t leap right into the red suit.

Daredevil motion poster

The Show Looks Very Different Than  Other Superhero TV Seres

The show has a very different look than other superhero television series. Its darker, and the backgrounds are often lit with bright neon colorful lights. Showrunner Steven DeKnight explained:

We wanted to take more of the color palette of the classic movies of the ’70s, the Dog Day Afternoon and French Connection and Taxi Driver. And we wanted to be able to do a show that was literally darker than what you would see on a network. Which is very, usually very bright, very evenly lit. So that’s really what we were going for. And also, you know, taking a cue from the Brian Michael Bendis-Alex Maleev run on Daredevil, which we felt really was the aesthetic we were looking for. And we were very fortunate to get Matt Lloyd, our D.P., who was coming off of Fargo, for which he was nominated for an Emmy. To get that kind of feel… and listen, there were times when we pushed the darkness so far when we were in color correction, we were like all right, we gotta bring this up just a little bit because now we can’t see anything. But I would rather go too far and pull back than not go far enough.

The show sometimes uses its dark cinematography in the story. For instance, Episode four features a fight sequence which is cleverly done in darkness with Daredevil having the advantage over his adversaries.


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