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Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away. Every month sees a long list of movies ant TV shows depart the streaming service, but each month also brings a new line-up of content to binge at your leisure. We’ve assembled a complete list of everything coming to Netflix next month and we’ve gone ahead and done the heavy-lifting for you already – we’ve already selected what you need to go out of your way to watch.

Cold in July

Before Nick Damici and Jim Mickle took Joe Lansdale’s Leonard Pine and Hap Collins to television with SundanceTV’s Hap and Leonard, the duo adapted another one of the author’s seedy potboilers for the big screen. Although not as darkly humorous as their small screen take on Lansdale’s blistering southern noir storytelling, Cold in July is a fine thriller, comparable to classics like Blood Simple in terms of tone and execution. It’s a classic set-up for a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time thriller: Michael C. Hall plays a man who kills a criminal attempting to rob his house, Sam Shepard plays the burglar’s father who seeks revenge, and Don Johnson plays the P.I. who wanders in the situation and makes everything far more complicated. The result is a chilling and sinister and compulsively watchable thriller, another minor gem for Mickle following Stake Land and We Are What We Are.


Jurassic Park

Technically, the first three Jurassic Park movies are arriving on Netflix next month, but you only need to bother with one of them. Steven Spielberg’s original is as invigorating and enthralling as its sequels are lackluster, combining awe and sheer terror into a smooth and delicious cocktail. Over twenty years after taking the box office by storm, the film still holds up on every level thanks to a careful blend of practical effects and early CGI. More importantly, the cast knows how to sell the visual effects to the audience – even if something looks a little fake by modern standards, a reaction shot from Sam Neil or Laura Dern will convince us that it’s real. Jurassic Park is pure magic. Its alchemy. It’s proof of what happens when a legitimate genius, one of the the great populist entertainers in all of human history, is given free reign to do whatever he wants with the backing of a major studio. All hail Spielberg. All hail Jurassic Park.


We haven’t been shy about our love for Spotlight around these parts – the /Film crew declared it the third best movie of 2015. Oh, and it won a little thing called the Best Picture Academy Award. You’ve probably heard of it. However, I wouldn’t blame you if you think Tom McCarthy’s cinematic retelling of investigative journalists from the Boston Globe working to uncover the Catholic Church’s frequent cover-ups of child abuse sounds like homework. It sounds like grim, heavy stuff. And yeah, it is grim, heavy stuff, but it’s not homework. McCarthy isn’t a flashy filmmaker, but he’s a curious one, showcasing how journalists operate and live and interact with their community. Spotlight has the momentum of a thriller, but the basic decency of a fine documentary. It cares about its characters, each of whom is brought to tremendous (and subtle) life by a roster os incredible actors. It’s time to stop putting this one off. There are no more excuses.

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