Movies Coming to Netflix In April 2019

Spring is almost here, and with the warmer weather comes new movies. Next month, Netflix will be releasing several great titles that you really shouldn’t miss, including the never-before-released Roadshow cut of The Hateful Eight! Check out the best new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in April 2019.

Movies Coming to Netflix in April 2019


burning trailer


Burning is a masterpiece. Does that sound hyperbolic? Maybe – but it’s true. This slow-burn thriller Lee Chang-dong works its way under your skin, and stays there, haunting you for days to come after you’ve seen it. The story concerns Jong-su (Yoo Ah-in), a directionless young man who reconnects with an old childhood friend, Hae-mi (Jeon Jong-seo). The two have a quick sexual fling, but Hae-mi returns from a vacation with the mysterious, handsome Ben (Steven Yeun), who slowly reveals himself to be a potential sociopath. From there, things get increasingly dark and engrossing. This is a must-see.


The Hateful Eight (Extended Version)

This is kind of a big deal. The Roadshow version of Quentin Tarantino‘s The Hateful Eight, which runs 187 minutes, and had an intermission, played in 70mm in select theaters before a shorter 168 minute cut was released soon after. The shorter cut was the one released on home video, and has been on Netflix for the last few months. The extended cut has never been released – until now, apparently. Netflix will drop it on their service in April, which hopefully means a Blu-ray release isn’t too far away either. Tarantino’s locked-room mystery is a bloody, brutal story about racism in America – a film that feels even more depressingly prescient today than it did in 2015.


all the president's men netflix

All the President’s Men

All the President’s Men is fantastic – the true story of how Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein brought down the Nixon administration. It’s also a fun reminder of an era where reporting on corruption in the White House actually resulted in something! Unlike today, in our current nightmarish existence! Alan J. Pakula, working with William Goldman‘s incredible script, finds ways to make people sitting in rooms talking look and feel incredibly exciting.

The Fifth Element - Born Sexy Yesterday Video Esssay

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element swings for the fences, resulting in a wild, over-the-top action sci-fi film that still holds up. You just can’t beat Gary Oldman limping around with a weird plastic bowl on his head, speaking with a strange Southern accent. The story involves a cab driver (Bruce Willis) and a supreme being (Milla Jovovich) tasked with saving the universe. But really, it’s just an excuse to show off bright costumes and stunning visual effects.


Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason is silly as hell, and that’s what makes it so much fun. A movie like this doesn’t need a brilliant script. I’m not sure if it needs a script at all. It just needs to put Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees on screen together, and let them beat the hell out of each other. Which it does, and then some. Everything else is secondary.

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