The 16 Most Disturbing Movie Moments of 2017

most disturbing movie moments

Those following my work here on /Film know that I watch a lot of horror movies, from psychological puzzlers to bone-snapping slashers. It’s not all gore, guts and viscera, but one can guesstimate the ceaseless quantity of “disturbing” moments these eyes witness year after year. It could be a scene that triggers an immediate gag reflex, or recharges my nightmare fuel, or hits upon existential devastation with unearthly intent. I wasn’t always prone to stomaching such content – as I once opened up about while discussing my personal connection to the Child’s Play franchise – but now? Well, I’m choosing to relive the year’s most vile challenges on my own accord. Doesn’t that say enough?

What you’re about to read is a list of on-screen sequences that could break a number of viewers. My picks don’t necessarily have to be genre specific, although horror does end up harvesting the largest, freshest crop to choose from year after year. These are the clips that had me clenching down tightly on theater armrests or blocking my eyes with folded hands, as if directors were competing to see who could push me past the brink of no return. Looks like they’ll have to try harder in 2018 (please for the love of sanity, don’t).

Note: as the title of this article implies, we’re going to delve into some dark and often violent territory. Your discretion is advised. And spoilers are on the table.

Justine’s Hair Regurgitation (Raw)

Julia Ducournau’s cannibalistic coming-of-age shocker Raw is an unsettling worldly bloom for one hungry ex-vegetarian. Promises of flesh chomping are fulfilled – in addition to morbid veterinary imagery – but the film’s queasiest scene doesn’t involve either. I can handle Garance Marillier gnawing through a meaty hookup’s thigh or devouring raw chicken (probably too easily). What I can’t shake is a grueling, drawn out sequence of Marillier pulling the longest strand of spooled hair from her mouth, hunched over a toilet gagging. Absolutely nauseating and forcibly affronting. Those with weaker constitutions should keep a barf-bucket handy throughout Raw, mainly just for this grossness.

Okja’s Mistreatment (Okja)

Bong Joon-ho’s Okja is a brilliant cross between pitch-black humanitarianism takes and bubbly fantasy escapism; cruel consumerism undertones hidden by Okja’s larger-than-life shadow. Ahn Seo-hyun stars as junior radical Mija, Jake Gyllenhaal as a batty celebrity “animal lover” – it’s all sunshine and cartoonish satire until one dirty-lensed, grossly tortuous piggy treatment scene. The Animal Liberation Front use Okja to sneak a hidden camera inside Mirando’s secretive operation, but can only watch as a drunk Gyllenhaal introduces Okja to her new “boyfriend” Alfonso (a male superpig). She’s cornered and mounted while the ALF look on, unable to answer her piercing squeals for help that blast through their fuzzy surveillance monitor.

On a happier note, above is a video of Gyllenhaal getting what’s coming to him.

A Cause For Dental Paranoia (A Cure For Wellness)

A Cure For Wellness is far from a perfect asylum thriller. It’s divisive and demented in ways that only Gore Verbinski can produce, never better (or more devastating) than one stretch of Dane DeHaan’s mistreatment that will forever shake my core. Not the eels, not the drowning, not the gutted, rancid cow inerts that spill over an unkempt villager’s floor – we’re talking dental damage of the highest decibel. DeHaan strapped to a chair, no anesthesia, as a “professional” drills into the enamel of his front tooth and through the calcified masher. DeHaan’s eyes bulging to represent pain, the whirring metallic bit spitting off smoke as it pushes cleanly through. Hate the dentist? Prepare to hate them way, way more.

DJ Dan Gets Castrated (Prevenge)

Prevenge is not only one of my favorite films of the year, but it also contains one of the year’s most squeamishly savage slasher attacks. Ignore the fact that Alice Lowe’s pregnant pulverizer is receiving (and acting on) telepathic life advice from her unborn child – this entry is all about DJ Dan. The disco-slinging womanizer who’s slit at the sack, exposing a disconnected testicle that splats onto the ground much to Dan’s horror. Well done on the practical goop and nastiness, Ms. Lowe. Oh, and having Dan’s senile mother walk out afterwards is the final blow that brings everything together with such malicious absurdity.

Everything (We Are The Flesh)

Once or twice a year, some filmmaker like Emiliano Rocha Minter redefines what it means to “push boundaries.” Oh, you thought Darren Aronofsky’s mother! earned that title? We Are The Flesh is mother! without a leash. Imagine smashing the styles of Michel Gondry and Lars von Trier together in a NFSW (not safe for anywhere, really) apocalyptic orgy. Maybe it’s a dangerous religious portrayal of the second coming of Christ? Maybe it’s simply about a crazy homeless guy, forced incest, brainwashing and sex addiction? In any case, you’ll feel like you need a lava soap shower once all the madness is said and done. Seek it out, mother! lovers. If you dare…

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