The Force Awakens Is a Retelling of the King Arthur Legend But Set in Space

On Reddit, Fantoman posits that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an adaptation of Arthurian legend. This theory is more of an interpretation than a hypothesis, but it’s still interesting to read:

I believe the real purpose of Kylo’s saber is for the medieval imagery, to subconsciously remind us of Arthurian tales. The tri-sword obviously resembles a medieval broadsword. On top of that, Kylo also wears more of a tunic than robes like we’ve seen in the past, his cape on one shoulder is also reminiscent of what we see in some medieval movies. He has long curly hair like Jon Snow. Kylo is basically a Mordred/Sherriff of Nottingham type character. His helmet is much like a black knight. Maz Kanata is in a castle, which is decorated with banners much like medieval times, and we see lots of huge stone blocks — the appearance is very simlar to something we would see in England. Stormtroopers have shields. Kylo has his own Knights (like an evil Knights of the Round Table), which wear medieval style armor and helmets. Phasma has metallic armor like a knight. The sword fighting is now more medieval style, with large swings and heavy hits.

Fantom goes on to explain how even the locations in this film are almost like the European settings of the King Arthur tales, set on planets with forests and lakes rather than the emptiness of space. He doesn’t explain the desert planet of Jakku which takes up the majority of the opening of the movie.

You could imagine a LOTR or Game of Thrones battle happening in front of Maz’s castle, in the snowy woods, or Luke’s island. Luke of course, would be Merlin. So then we have Rey, who is basically a poor peasant. She comes along and basically takes what Kylo believes is his birthright. He thinks his bloodline grants him the right to rule the galaxy like Vader because he is Vader’s grandson. He probably had Snoke filling him with ideas of grandeur throughout his youth, like an evil Morgana/Morgan le Fay (Snoke was even supposed to be a woman at one point). But Rey is the true heir to Skywalker’s legacy, like Arthur (Even with a British accent!). She was hidden when the Empire/Kingdom fell apart, but now has returned from obscurity to take her place. Mordred who Kylo is probably based on is famous for being King Arthur’s traitorous nephew. Maz tells her the sword belonged to Vader and Luke, and now it calls to her — Maz bestows the sword that she has been saving all this time to Rey like the Lady of the Lake. Kylo sees the sword later and says it belongs to him. But then they have a sword in the stone moment and he can’t pull it to himself. We are surprised when it suddenly flies out past him and to Rey instead. The sword chose her. The sword is much like Excalibur, a legendary sword with great importance and symbolizes Rey as the true successor.

And finally, Fantoman tries to compare the island that Luke Skywalker is found at the conclusion of the film to that of Avalon:

In King Arthur there is a magical island called Avalon where Arthur goes to hide after losing in battle to his nephew Mordred. It is a place associated with magic and Excalibur was forged there. After recovering from his wounds he returns from Avalon to lead his allies against his enemies. This parallels Luke losing to his nephew and leaving to find the ancient Jedi Temple, which happens to be on an island.

I really dig this theory, and some of these concepts might very well be intentional on the parts of J.J. Abrams and co-writer Lawrence Kasdan. And this isn’t the first time Star Wars has been compared to Arthurian legend, as the stories that are the basis of George Lucas’ movies come from the foundation of mythic storytelling.

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Mr. Sunday Movies has put a video together elaborating on my theory that Rey might not be Luke Skywalker or Leia Organa’s offspring, but instead the granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He has a lot of good evidence and presents it in a nice visual way.

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