Constable Zuvio

Constable Zuvio was one of of the initial Star Wars: the Force Awakens characters introduced by the Hasbro toy line, Disney even released an official image of the alien creature in Empire Magazine, yet no one can seem to find him in the final cut of the film. He remains one of the mysteries listed on many Force Awakens question lists.

Does Zuvio appear on screen at some point? Was Zuvio’s role completely cut? What was the character originally supposed to do in the film? What do we know about him and how does he fit into the canon of the Star Wars universe?

We explore all of these questions, after the jump.

Constable Zuvio

Constable Zuvio

Who is Constable Zuvio?

We first found out about Constable Zuvio when his action figure was released by Hasbro as part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy line. The back of the card describes the character as “a vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world, the tough and humorless Constable Zuvio keeps order in a frontier trading post.”

The databank gives us a little bit more information about the Constable Zuvio:

What’s an honorable Kyuzo like Constable Zuvio doing on a lawless planet like Jakku? The tough, taciturn Zuvio is the leader of Niima Outpost’s small militia, and keeps a wary yellow eye out for cheats, thieves and others bent on trouble. He is often found guarding Niima’s landing field, glowering at any local who strays too close to a visitor’s starship.

The entry also mentions he is 1.6 meters in height and uses a blaster as his main weapon, although its also clear he carries a staff.


The Visual Dictionary

The Visual Dictionary has a section on Jakku’s Nima Outpost which features some more information about the Constable. The book says that he provides “a semblance of law and order in Nima Outpost” and that he is the leader of “a local militia that includes two of his fellow Kyuzo warriors. It also notes that Zuvio has a “Strong sense of justice and cannot be bribed.” His headgear is a traditional Kyuzo war helmet (of course), his face is wrapped to prevent sunburn, and his armor is made from salvaged metal.

High Noon On Jakku<

High Noon On Jakku

Among all the toys and merchandise, Zuvio even got his own book titled High Noon on Jakku, which was released as part of the Journey to the Force Awakens series of publications. The book was published on December 1st 2015, and is essentially a classic western short story by Landry Q. Walker. The official plot description reads: “A renegade droid causes problems for Constable Zuvio on Jakku.”

When a banking ship is attacked the stage is set for a showdown between Zuvio and a gang of droids suspected of the robbery.

The book mostly serves to give Jakku some flavor and it also reveals a bit about the character, as well as the fact that his two deputies are actually his cousins. But the story is mostly a stand alone tale unconnected to The Force Awakens.


Other Books

While the character appears in physical books like the Visual dictionary, he does not appear in the official novelization for the film (which has only been released digitally thus far) even though that book features quite a few extended and deleted scenes from the movie. Its curious that many of those moments remained in the book, yet Zuvio was cut completely.

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