Modern Family Finale Featurette

Last week, Modern Family came to a close after 11 seasons on ABC. The series finale sent off the Dunphy family with plenty of tears and laughs, and it was certainly just as heartfelt of a goodbye for the cast who has spent over a decade working together. Actors and actresses from long-running shows always like to say that the cast feels like a family, but in the case of Modern Family, that’s even more true since the kids on the series grew into adults across the show’s 11 seasons, and the adults have changed too. Watch them all reflect on the time they’ve spent together in a Modern Family finale featurette below.

Modern Family Finale Featurette

Looking at these interviews with the Modern Family cast, it’s wild to see how much the young cast has grown. Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez, who played Alex, Luke and Manny respectively, all started shooting Modern Family when they were around 10 or 11 years old. Now they’re 21 or coming up on it, and they’re full-fledged adults. Seeing their cute younger selves juxtaposed with how they look today is not only adorable, but it’s a depressing reminder of our mortality.

Meanwhile, adult stars like Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are proud of the representation they’ve brought to pop culture. Vergara is happy to have flaunted her exaggerated accent to bring a prominent Latinx character to the forefront of an Emmy-winning network television program. Meanwhile, Stonestreet and Ferguson are happy to have given an LGBTQ couple such a big platform to be portrayed as perfectly normal, just as it should be.

The cast also took to Instagram with some heartfelt posts saying their farewell to the show that has been their home.

Julie Bowen shared a farewell that the cast enjoyed from the comfort of their homes during self-quarantine:

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Thank you to my fake family. I love you.

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Sofia Vergara shared a series of photos from over the years that further shows how they’ve aged over the years:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted this lovely photo of the Dunphy family sharing a big group hug:

Eric Stonestreet highlighted the same moment from behind the scenes with an overhead shot and a musical touch:

Sarah Hyland also flashed back to a variety of photos from the many episodes shot throughout 11 years:

Ariel Winter also touched upon some of her favorite moments, including group photos and funny scenes:

Rico Rodriguez, who has been shooting this show for over half his life, fondly remembered this incredible ride:

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When I was 9 years old, I started work on a pilot called “My American Family”. As an actor, you go through a long process for a job. Class after class, audition after audition, just hoping to get that right opportunity in front of the right casting director so you can show them your skills. Filming the pilot, then all of season one of what we now know as “Modern Family”, I knew we were working on something special. I could feel it. Coming to work every day with my cast and crew never actually felt like work, it felt more like hanging out with my extended family. 11 years later and here we are airing our final episodes tonight. Words cannot even begin to describe the life changing experience I have had on this show. I have, quite literally, grown up right before everyone’s eyes. Starting @abcmodernfam, Manny was someone who was very opposite to myself, but overtime our personalities have rubbed off on each other. Our fan base here and around the world is something I appreciate so much. A big reason why I loved working on this show, was the family atmosphere on and off the camera. We are showcasing something that will forever be relatable, family. When fans come up to me and say “can I hug you? I feel like you’re my son, or nephew, or cousin.” It makes me laugh, because that’s what our show’s true message has always been. Family. No matter what type of day you have, you can turn on the tv on Wednesday nights and get a laugh or two from your tv family. Thank you Chris Lloyd & @stevelevitan for creating Manny. Thank you @jeffgreenbergcd for believing I was the best choice. Thank you Jeff Morton for always keeping the ship sailing. Thank you to all of our writers for writing the funny, emotional & relatable moments, week after week. Thank you to ABC and 20th Century for this opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you to my Team Rodriguez for always believing in me. Thank you to my parents, my siblings, & all of my family & friends for always being by my side throughout my acting journey. But especially thank you to our fans, who have continued to watch our show for the past 11 seasons. I hope you all tune in tonight at 8/7c on ABC & celebrate with us one final time. ?

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And finally, Nolan Gould showed himself getting emotional in his goodbye post to the Modern Family cast and crew.

Modern Family, the complete series, is now available on digital, and the 11th season hits DVD on July 11.

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