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Last night, Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live for her fifth time as host, which makes her part of the five-timers club. Well, at least that’s what she thought. But her little appearance during the SNL 40th anniversary special where she recreated Chris Farley’s iconic character of motivational speaker Matt Foley didn’t count. You can see how that realization pans out below along with our recap of the best and worst sketches from this Melissa McCarthy Saturday Night Live episode.

The Best

The Day BeyoncĂ© Turned Black – This kind of comedy is what made Saturday Night Live so bold to begin with, and it’s great when they bring relevant and timely satire into the equation outside of the political sketches (especially since those have been falling flat nearly every time). This was smart, hilarious and very well-done.

Test Screening – This is a very silly sketch, but it’s Melissa McCarthy’s gift for physical comedy that had me laughing so hard. Her facial expressions and body flailing just killed me, not to mention her reaction to the night vision footage afterwards. Plus, the bit part from Leslie Jones was especially hilarious as well.

Whiskers R We – This recurring sketch doesn’t always land this well, but Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy make a great cat lady team. That wig on McCarthy by itself is funny enough, but throw some great cat puns and inappropriate petting into the mix, and you’ve got a truly funny sketch.

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