Avengers: Age of Ultron: Scarlet Witch

Question: One of the things they we were talking about yesterday was Scarlet Witch sort of being able to call off the demons of the Avengers. And it was your character that–

Mark Ruffalo: That’s a bad trip.

Question: Is she able to just call up the Hulk and control him?

Mark Ruffalo: It’s not– she’s able to bring out the worst in us. [LAUGHS] And there are people in our lives who can do that. And somehow when you’re an Actor you tend to gravitate towards those people. She’s that bad– she’s like– it’s like Sid and Nancy. She’s the Nancy. She’s everyone’s Nancy. [LAUGHS]

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver

Question: Of all these new characters that are in this movie is there someone that excites you the most that you really think is cool and that audiences will really freak out about?

Mark Ruffalo:  I love the new kids on the block. I love um Wanda and yeah Pietro, Quick Silver. They’re cool. They’re really cool. The characters.

Question: The Vision.

Mark Ruffalo: The Vision is the Vision. He is so dope. And he’s my baby. Yeah he’s pretty incredible. And,  the idea of him and where he comes from and he’s very independent. He’s is a really great character. People are gonna’ love the Vision. And Ultron’s amazing. He’s amazing. It’s really good.

Question: How much one-one-one time did you have with Spader?

Mark Ruffalo: We had a lot of scenes together as a group. I don’t have– I have a couple of one-on-one things with him, but I love him. He’s great. And he’s gonna’ be– it’s like King Lear. It’s great.

Question: Do you guys enjoy watching Paul Bettany being tortured? Robert seems to enjoy it.

Mark Ruffalo: All I know is I’m happy that I walk in and I leave the trailer and I can go back an hour later and Paul Bettany’s still in make-up. [LAUGHS] And I’m 46 years old. That makes me feel good. Sorry Paul. But you should see him. He’s a specimen when he walks onto that thing, like the perfect man. He’s the Vision.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Question: I’m curious about this cool little house party that goes on in this movie. Are you as the Hulk or as Banner?

Mark Ruffalo: Banner. Mostly indoors I have to be Banner. That’s kind of the rule. It’s like leave your shoes at the door — you leave your Hulk at the door. Yeah they don’t like him. Hulk still has a little bit of ADHD kid thing going on. [LAUGHS]

Question: How much dialogue Hulk might have in the film? Cause in the first movie he has two amazing lines. “I’m always angry” and “Puny God.” Does he have anything like that in the sequel? Any one-liners?

Mark Ruffalo: We’re sorta’ still working that out. We’re just kind of trying to figure out– there’s a couple of different places to do it, but he’s not gonna’ have a soliloquy. Not yet anyway. Um but we’re working for that — Joss has a couple ideas where to put–

Question: Has he told you the lines yet?

Mark Ruffalo: No. That’s the thing, but I kinda’ know where we’re headed with it, but he hasn’t given me the line yet.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Thor looking defeated in the Quinjet

Question: Talking with Joss Whedon yesterday he told us one of the dominant themes in the film is the idea of being destroyed by power. And obviously there is a lot of power that exists in Bruce Banner. I’m curious how you see the theme kind of affecting the film overall and towards Bruce.

Mark Ruffalo: The essential struggle that he’s having in, throughout his life [LAUGHS] probably, but specifically in this is that you know he does have that destructive side of him. That’s not gonna’ ever go away and theres a little fantasy that that might be under control. But ultimately that might just be a fantasy for him. And so you know that conflict is always gonna’ be there that there might never be a resolve to that, because that power is really destructive.

Question: Is he still constantly searching for that solution?

Mark Ruffalo: Yeah I don’t know. I think he wishes he could find it. There’s no doubt about that, but it’s like you get to be a certain age and you have to start to practice radical acceptance or you just keep banging your head up against the same wall. I think he’s starting to get to that place where he’s like, “Okay how do I live with this? How do I make it work for me?” How do I manage– it’s like management. It’s like having a slipped disc.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Tony Stark with an Ultron prototype in his lab

Question: I was curious about that. We saw a lot of labs. I’d imagine a lot of scientists there. I’d imagine the Hulk would be the number one priority. Tony wouldn’t even want to lose the Hulk. It’s kind of weird.

Mark Ruffalo: No Tony’s mantra is like, “Embrace it dude” you know.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: A close-up on a very defeated looking Bruce Banner

Question: Cause the Hulk us useful to the team?

Mark Ruffalo: Yeah, in little doses. So he’s like a nuclear bomb you know. It’s tough to get very technical with it. I think it’s a matter of management and control really at this point. Rather than just like shutting him down completely. Plus the weird thing about the Banner/Hulk relationship is the more work they do into it, the more he turns as the Hulk, the more established the Hulk becomes in his identity. And so you have these two identities that really wanna’ dominate the other. It’s not getting easier to refer one or the other to be the dominant driver.

Question: Can they co-exist?

Mark Ruffalo: I don’t know, it’s tough. [LAUGHS] But they’re gonna’ have to work it out ‘cause they didn’t– there’s serious tension there and it’s only growing.

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