Liev Schreiber Hosted Saturday Night Live

Even though the Showtime series Ray Donovan started all the way back in 2013, apparently it took five years for Lorne Michael to decide that Liev Schreiber deserved a chance to host Saturday Night Live. Even the host himself said that in his dreams he saw this happening a lot earlier in his career. But here we are in 2018, and Liev Schreiber not only hosted SNL, but early in the season, he’s hosted the best episode so far.

Let’s break down the best and worst sketches of the Liev Schreiber hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Brothers – Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney have been friends for so long, and their chemistry and close bond is a big part of what made this sketch so silly and hilarious. The two comedians give it their all while portraying a couple of rascally middle school brothers who have been wrestling in their tighty-whities and t-shirts with the Looney Tunes looking like street tough gang members. They way they huff and puff while arguing, not to mention looking ridiculous soaking wet, it’s no wonder Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant could barely keep a straight face.

Paranormal Occurrence – The last time Kate McKinnon reprised this character, it didn’t go over nearly as well as her first appearance in the hilarious alien abduction sketch with host Ryan Gosling. But this time around, an edition of the sketch about a paranormal occurrence came pretty close to the greatness of the sketch, and for a lot of the same reasons as the first rendition. Liev Schreiber breaks a few times, but he still stays dedicated to his soft-spoken character who loves shrinking movies.

Invest Twins – In many ways this sketch feels timeless. It’s a classic kind of comedy where there’s a misunderstanding throughout the sketch that makes the continuing dialogue that much funnier. Making the laughs even bigger are the attempts to fix the problem having no impact on just how awful this story about the “incest” twins comes off. The wordplay here is fantastic, and even the graphics imagery help heighten the comedy. It’s just great comedy writing.

Permission – In the age of #MeToo, are rappers getting any more respectful with how they treat women? When it comes to the Booty Kings and Uncle Butt (featuring Lil Wayne and Future), they still seem to be up to their old antics of loving and complimenting ladies’ butts, but only if the women are cool with it. You see, the Booty Kings always ask for permission, and they’re allies in today’s climate. This sketch and song are both so well-produced that it comes close to feeling like the greatness of a good Lonely Island music video.

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