Larry David Saturday Night Live

The Average

Peyton & Cam – Let me just say, this is a great sketch. There’s some poignant commentary in here about racial tension and prejudice presented in a fairly silly package. But having said that, I wish that it was a little bit funnier to go along with it. Maybe I’m being a little too nitpicky, but that’s just how I see it.

Last Call with Larry David – I’m not sure if this sketch will ever run out of steam. Kate McKinnon just dedicates herself 100% to this barfly character, but this time Larry David felt like the weak link. It’s not that he wasn’t funny, but his delivery just didn’t feel like it was always on the money. Perhaps there was too much traditional Larry David in the delivery.

Songwriting Class – This was a fun sketch to watch if only because of Pete Davidson doing such a different role. The timing felt off at times, but the concept to me was funny enough to keep it on solid ground. If anything I would have rather seen the concept of Froghattan unfold with a different setting surrounding it.

The Worst

Steam Ship – This is a sketch that just feels too easy. They basically put Larry David on board the Titanic and had him do his normal schtick. However, I will say that it was nice to see the writers of SNL give the real Bernie Sanders something else to do besides merely meeting Larry David while doing the impersonation. SNL does that well plenty of times, but it’s always better to see a more original way of bringing in cameos like this.

Message from Ted Cruz – Maybe it’s just because there’s nothing funny about a man as clueless, impersonal and creepy as Ted Cruz, but this was another piece of political satire that just doesn’t work because it’s less ridiculous than real life.

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