Kristen Stewart Hosted Saturday Night Live

This weekend, Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, and for those who have been skeptical of her talents, this should help clear the air a bit. Stewart was surprisingly engaging and casual. I was expecting her to be more stiff and less engaged in the sketches, something akin to Casey Affleck’s hosting stint, but she did a solid job with the roles she was given. She was also so relaxed that she dropped an f-bomb right at the end of her monologue by complete accident and was quick enough to make a joke about it in her embarrassment afterwards.

In addition to Kristen Stewart being a solid host, this was just a good episode of SNL, complete with an outstanding guest appearance that no one expected. It ended up being the best sketch of the night, so let’s just get down to it, shall we?

Below, we run through the best and worst sketches from Kristen Stewart’s Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Sean Spicer Press Conference – This was hands down the best sketch. SNL is taking the same formula they’ve been applying to Donald Trump by heightening the ridiculous nature of his behavior and personality to the most insane level. While I’m not necessarily sure I’m on board with the idea of SNL continually stunt-casting roles like this, Melissa McCarthy was absolutely hysterical as Sean Spicer, bringing the same gravitas that Alec Baldwin brings to Trump. The sketch as a whole stumbled a bit with the Betsy DeVos tangent, but got right back on track after that. Even the ending was great, showing that this easily could have been the cold open and started the show with a bang.

Welcome Video – I love the image of some guy being tasked by the Trump Administration with haphazardly trying to fix this welcome video. The tone of the guy fixing the video is right in line with how all of these hasty decisions have been coming off. Plus, the ending of this video with a line about a judge lifting the travel ban just goes to show you how the live nature of this show allows SNL to make adjustments to their sketches in response to developments in the news.

Totino’s – Seeing this sketch just after Sundance might heighten just how funny it is, but I think that’s the idea. Kristen Stewart is known for starring in festival films lately, and turning an expected Totino’s Super Bowl commercial (which SNL has parodied before) into a sexy, foreign indie that played at Cannes is sheer brilliance. The shift in style is done perfectly and the way it pulls the rug out from under an expected sketch is great comedy writing.

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