Kristen Stewart Hosted Saturday Night Live

After delivering a solid Halloween episode last weekend, the cast and writers of Saturday Night Live must have decided to phone it in this week, perhaps due to too many Halloween parties. Kristen Stewart returned as host, and not only was she barely anything other than herself in different wigs and wardrobe, but the sketches surrounding her left a lot to be desired. There were still some good laughs to be had, even in the

The Best

New Paint – When this started out as a live commercial parody, I was wondering exactly where this was going. But thankfully, I was rewarded with what Aidy Bryant does best. If there’s one thing Bryant can do magnificently, it’s play these overdramatic, breathy type of characters, and this sketch is the perfect portrait and that comedic magic. That along with the new developments about how unnecessarily expensive and terrible this new paint is made this one of my favorites of the night.

Elizabeth Warren Town Hall – While SNL has been bombing with a lot of their satire during the presidency of Donald Trump, whenever they use Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren, it usually works out. That’s why the cold open was refreshingly great, as McKinnon portrays Warren as this feisty, stand-up comedian sort of politician. She’s always got a little twinkle in her eye, and the way she breaks things her health care plan down in this exaggerated manner is hilarious.

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