Kit Harington Hosted Saturday Night Live

Everyone is so used to Kit Harington as Jon Snow that it was a little jarring to see him without a beard when he made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. But even more startling was his normal voice, which is surprisingly different from the way he speaks as Jon Snow. It was almost distracting, but then Kit Harington made you forget about it by doing some goofy characters. Plus, some of his Game of Thrones co-stars stopped by during the monologue. The result was a decent episode with a smattering of great sketches

The Best

New HBO Shows – There’s already an official Game of Thrones prequel series coming on the way, but SNL showed off the impressive slate of other spin-offs that will try to keep the fantasy spirit alive. The wide array of different shows featuring Game of Thrones characters was hilarious, right down to the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit cameos at the end. This is just a great sketch.

Bachelorette Party – Sometimes getting a handsome man in drag is all it takes to get a laugh. And when that man is Kit Harington putting on an American accent and doing a burlesque striptease, it’s even better. Leslie Jones can’t even keep a straight face, but Kit Harington stays strong as he clumsily steps about in some tiny heels. Plus, there’s a great payoff at the end of the sketch to close it out.

Nephew Pageant – It’s incredible how young Kit Harington looks without a bear. He actually looks like a young teenage nephew in this sketch, which is weird but surprisingly hilarious. Aidy Bryant’ s constant singing throughout and the blind pride for nephews is funny the whole way through. The reason this sketch works so well is because it comes from such an honest place where aunts are inexplicably so complimentary of their nephews.

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