Killer Joe McConaughey

It seems so long ago, but 2011 was the beginning of the McConaissance, when Matthew McConaughey‘s rep was re-invigorated with the release and/or festival debuts of The Lincoln Lawyer, Bernie, and Killer Joe. The last one, from director William Friedkin, may end up having the longest legs, as it is one of two Friedkin films being used as the inspiration for a new TV series. If it took a path similar to, say, Fargo, we’d watch a Killer Joe TV series in a hot minute.

Speaking to, William Friedkin said that there are two different TV series in development based on his past work. 

MGM is trying to develop a television series on ‘To Live and Die in L.A.’ It won’t be that story at all, but it will be that vibe. They’re also trying to do a series on ‘Killer Joe.’ A Dallas detective who is a hired killer. It will not be the same story, but it will be very edgy, not unlike Fargo.

The director said that he has script approvals for the possible To Live and Die series, but doesn’t know if he’ll direct an episode.

Friedkin is out on the promo trail for the restoration of his 1977 film Sorcerer, and that gives him a lot of opportunity to talk about stuff like this. He expands upon the idea of working in television, rather than film.

The only thing I’m interested in now is long form, which is what you’d call television …I don’t want to make a feature film, because I don’t want to make a movie about a guy in a mask and a spandex suit flying around and saving the world. I don’t want to see that movie, so why would I make it? And if you do make a serious film today, the chances are it won’t have a bright future in theaters. It could maybe take on an afterlife in home video and cable.

Here are the trailers for each original film.

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