Justice League

An explosion happens at an entirely different location in broad daylight. Is this at the same building from the opening sequence featuring Wonder Woman? Is there a chance that she ultimately fails to stop the bad guys in question and an explosion goes off?

Justice League - Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Speaking of Wonder Woman, we’ve seen this before. In Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman she used this signature move to thwart both Doomsday and Ares. It should come as no surprise who she’s aiming this energy blast at.

Justice League - Steppenwolf and Wonder Woman

There’s Steppenwolf, revealing a better look at his face (which again, still needs to be touched up with visual effects), bringing his axe around to attack the Princess of Themyscira.

Justice League

It’s clear that Steppenwolf may have underestimated just how strong these superheroes can be as he’s blasted back by Wonder Woman’s power. What’s not clear is where this battle is taking place, though it appears they’re destroying a lot of real estate in the area. Though since we’ve seen that one of the settings looks like an abandoned industrial park, the casualties will likely be next to none.

Justice League - Batman

This is one of my favorite shots in the trailer. It looks straight out of a comic book, and I love the contrast of the black of Batman’s suit against the red sky, which is something that’s likely caused by the arrival of Steppenwolf and whatever trouble he’s bringing to Earth.

Justice League - Aquaman

Here’s another gorgeous comic book shot featuring Aquaman shoving his trident (or quindent) into the ground as water rushes around him. This doesn’t look like a rush of water caused by Aquaman, but instead he might be trying to control it. This rush of water may be a result of the damage caused underground by the Justice League fighting Steppenwolf.

Justice League

Here’s a better shot of that industrial park that we’ve been seeing in close quarters. An explosion rocks a tower and fires roar all over the area. You can see the Batmobile in the upper middle of the photo. Justice League

As that tower falls next to the speeding Batmobile, the Dark Knight tries to throw off some parademons who have latched onto the vehicle. Notice the red sky, which again.

Justice League

Clearly the visual effects aren’t done in this shot yet, but four of the five members of Justice League we’ve seen so far are standing in downtown Metropolis, the crash site of the world engine behind them, and presumably the location where Superman’s statue was before is in front of them, which is why the flowers and balloons are behind the police barricades. Is this where Superman has returned? Something definitely goes down here since Cyborg was seen protecting police officers in this location in the first trailer.

Justice League

Here’s more of the sequence where the Amazons try to stop Steppenwolf. You can see just a hint of the glowing orange ground below them caused by the villain. Do the Amazons even stand a chance?

Justice League - The Flash

This is one of my favorite moments from the trailer as it hints how the Justice League will be working together, something we got a taste of when the Trinity took on Doomsday in Batman v Superman. The Flash is speeding around this industrial facility while fighting Steppenwolf and parademons and he touches the tip of Wonder Woman’s sword to push it back towards…

Justice League - Wonder Woman

…Wonder Woman herself, as she jumps down this industrial silo to battle enemies as the structure crumbles above her, likely because of the Nightcrawler blasting everything to kingdom come.

Justice League

I have no idea what’s happening in this shot, but there’s a vehicle, that presumably belongs to Batman, blasting some kind of glowing structure. Could this be some kind of energy supply that’s powering Steppenwolf’s stronghold? It has to be important in the grand scheme of things, but we’re not sure why.

Justice League - Aquaman

Here’s one of the crazier shots in the trailer, featuring Aquaman dropping down from the sky, surfing on the body of a parademon and landing it in one of the abandoned buildings before jumping off of it casually like it’s just an everyday thing.

Justice League

Here four of the Justice League members stand on what is likely a rooftop in Gotham City, right next to the Bat Signal.

Justice League - The Flash

All of our superheroes disappear in that way they do whenever anyone turns their back on them. The Flash isn’t quite as rude as the rest of them as he sticks around before speeding off.

Justice League

That’s not the end of the trailer though, as a rumble in the distance creates a ripple in Alfred’s drink as he’s working on fixing one of Batman’s many tactical vehicles. It’s not a tyrannosaurus rex creating those reverberations…

Justice League - Jeremy Irons as Alfred

Instead, it’s someone who Bruce told Alfred he expected would return. Though one might think that this could be Robin coming back as Nightwing to lend a hand, it’s much more likely (and obviously) Superman returning from the dead. You can even see a hint of his red cape, albeit blurry, in the lower right hand corner. We don’t see him in full, but of course Superman is coming back.


Before the trailer began, there were some shots seen that aren’t even in the trailer. Such as this shot of Aquaman:

Justice League - Jason Momoa as Aquaman

This shot of Batman standing with the Bat signal shining in the sky above him in Gotham City:

Justice League - Ben Affleck as Batman

And finally this shot of Cyborg with his arms both weaponized, looking like he’s ready to do some damage:

Justice League - Ray Fisher as Cyborg

That’s all from this breakdown of the Justice League trailer. With the movie not hitting theaters until November 17, 2017, we’ve got plenty of time to get more footage and find out more about the story.

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