Justice League

This is what happens when Barry Allen uses his powers to push through a window, finger first. The glass shatters in slow-motion as he speeds through it. The visualization of The Flash’s powers has been pretty cool in the footage we’ve seen so far, but will it be enough to outshine how Quicksilver’s similar powers were visualized in X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse?

Justice League

Meanwhile, back on what appears to be Themyscira, Steppenwolf is swinging his axe around and slamming it into the ground. It’s hard to tell this is Themyscira from this shot, but…

Justice League

If you look at the left side of this shot of the fire spreading through the ground, those are clearly Amazon warriors standing at the ready to battle. Will Steppenwolf kill all of Themyscira? That could be quite an emotional gut punch for Diana to deal with, and it would give her even more motivation in her fight to stop Steppenwolf.

Justice League - Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

Remember when I said there was a strange shot of Bruce Wayne that looks like it could be from a flashback? Is it just me or does Ben Affleck look younger and less grizzled in this photo than every other shot of Bruce Wayne we’ve seen in Justice League footage? Maybe it’s just because he’s clean shaven instead of having consistent stubble on his face, but there also appears to be less gray on the side of his hair too. In this scene, Alfred makes a reference to whatever they’re dealing with being less of a problem than exploding wind-up penguins. Considering this reference to Batman’s past entanglements with The Penguin, this may not be a flashback, but the way Bruce Wayne looks in this scene is still odd.

Justice League

Anyway, there are bigger problems to deal with as Steppenwolf has an army of parademons ready for some kind of big battle. The question is, where is this enemy stronghold? Does Steppenwolf have a ship that he brings to Earth with all these parademons on it? The architecture certainly looks alien.

Justice League - Steppenwolf

Those are Steppenwolf’s horns turning upward as he gazes up at a dark red sky. We’re not sure why the sky is red, but the sky also looks this way in a major action sequence at some point in the movie, as we see later in the trailer.

Justice League - Jason Momoa as Aquaman

That’s enough for Aquaman to think they’re probably all going to die while facing this new threat. But he doesn’t sound too worried, because Aquaman is just chill like that.

Justice League

The Batmobile races out of what appears to be the Flying Fox, a larger flying vehicle that the Justice League travels around in. Batman’s vehicle flies out onto the street of what looks like some kind of abandoned industrial park. This might be the surface of the same underground area where we’ve seen our heroes doing battle in the first trailer.

Justice League - The flash

This quick shot of Ezra Miller as The Flash shows how uncertain he is of himself, further confirmed by his exchange with Batman where he explains that he’s never really engaged in battle, but has only used his powers to just kind of push people here and there. Of course, this is the guy who apprehended Captain Boomerang, according to Suicide Squad, so I’m not sure why he’s so unsure of himself here.

Justice League - Cyborg and Wonder Woman

What I love about this quick shot of Wonder Woman is it’s clear that she’s just as much of a leader as Batman when it comes to bringing the Justice League together. She’s the one giving the pep talk here before they presumably have to face Steppenwolf.

Justice League - Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Here’s our heroes in some kind of laboratory, or maybe it’s just one part of the Flying Fox vehicle, as they prepare to battle the villain we’ve seen wreaking havoc in the rest of the trailer.

Justice League

One thing Steppenwolf will have to contend with is Cyborg’s ability to tap into any technology and control it. Here he’s taking control of the Nightcrawler, one of Batman’s vehicles that we were introduced to in the first trailer. Alfred sounds a little perplexed by the vehicle having a new pilot, but I’m sure he’ll get over it.

Justice League

Steppenwolf leaps down from above the underground industrial setting that was glimpsed in the previous trailer. Could Steppenwolf’s stronghold be underground this industrial park that we keep seeing in footage from the movie? No matter where this is, the villain doesn’t hesitate to take on all four of these superheroes.

Justice League

This second shot gives us our first quick flash of his face, which looks pretty menacing but still needs a touch-up on the visual effects front.

Justice League

Themyscira apparently isn’t the only place that has to deal with the arrival of Steppenwolf, because here he is flying into Atlantis, throwing his axe as he swims through the ocean.

Justice League

Aquaman coolly swims out of the way of the glowing axe, looking even more chill because of the torn jeans he’s wearing underwater while avoiding the deadly villain, undoubtedly coming to collect the Mother Box that Atlantis protects.

Justice League

The axe smashes into some kind of structure behind Aquaman, though it remains to be seen if it will do any damage that will be a bigger problem for Atlantis. Could the axe be aimed at where the Mother Box is being kept?

Justice League - Batman

Elsewhere, Batman takes on a parademon, and it looks like he even rips one of their arms off. Batman is clearly not fucking around, and that look on his face is actually kind of terrifying. If you’ve ever wondered why criminals are scared of a guy dressed like a bat, that’s one of the many reasons.

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