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But, I mean, that’s kind of in the DNA already of the franchise, ’cause some of the best moments from the original movie are like the Raptors in the kitchen. Stuff like that and my understanding is that this one’s a little, a lot more suspenseful.

Marshall: Well, you’ve seen the photo in what I call the museum.


Marshall: Well, that’s a huge set.  So yeah, so you just take the elements and you figure out how best to use them.

Who is that in the photo?  We don’t know much about that little girl.

Marshall: I don’t know.  It’s some little girl.

Is her name Lucy?

Crowley: She just wandered in.  And we had to come up with sets big enough because the evil dinosaurs [are] bigger than the Raptors in the kitchen.  I mean, the Raptors are like human size and they can sort of scurry around, whereas this one couldn’t.  So then the scale of everything had to be bigger to be able to have those kinds of scenes.  To have them work.  So somehow there were things that were driving the design of the movie that we hadn’t anticipated.

So do you guys have a like a main threat animal in this one?  ‘Cause the last few have been like the Spinosaur and Indominus and stuff like that.  Is that–?

Marshall: Yeah.  We have bad dinosaurs.  That of course is released before it’s ready.

Not quite ready for primetime.  Well, if it was then I’m sure it would be sweet.

Marshall: Yes.  No, and to be fair, you guys, the little girl’s name in the movie is Maisie. And her Grandfather, she shares a love of dinosaurs that her Grandfather has, so that was his museum.  And they’re connected to Lockwood.  So it’s all the stuff.

And that’s John Hammond’s ex-partner or…?

Marshall: Yes.  Hammond.  Yes.  And he’s so yeah, so we like to play with the adults’ and kids’ love of dinosaurs as it exists in the world today.

Crowley: And another thing that was just driven by the story is, as Frank was saying, we’re in rooms, we’re in buildings with dinosaurs.  So we’re closer to dinosaurs for a longer period of time than we’ve ever been.

Marshall: And they’re in cages, but still they’re really close.

Crowley: And so one of the things that happens is if you go and if you touch a dinosaur, okay, don’t try to touch a digital dinosaur ’cause it doesn’t work.  So you then end up with more animatronics than it’s been 25 years.

Marshall: I think since Jurassic Park we’ve got more animatronics than any of the other movies.  Except for Jurassic Park.

Crowley: So and it’s an amazing thing to work with Neal Scanlan, who has done all of the stuff for Star Wars.

[Sarcastically] How’d you get him?

Marshall: I, you know, just phone call, no, breakfast.  Breakfast.  We’ll work this out.

Crowley: A late breakfast.  And–

Marshall: I gave him a bottle of wine for that one.

Crowley: I hadn’t worked with him before.  You hadn’t worked with him before.  But just the stuff that he brought to it. And we saw stuff like this, it would be, “so what do you think it’s gonna look like?”  Well, come down to the shop.  And he would already like done renderings and sculpting and gone through the whole process.

Marshall: Yeah.  And I have to say the, just the process of the animatronics is so advanced now from what it used to be.  What they’re able to do now is fantastic.  And it’s so much faster to see what you’re gonna have.  So that made it really cool.

So your life-size Rex isn’t gonna have the shivers like the old one did?

Marshall: No.

Crowley: No.  And ’cause they were working with hydraulics.  And everything now is it’s mostly servos and stuff like that.  And there’s guys at joysticks.  But there are still puppeteers making it breathe and making that head turn and doing all the rest of that stuff.  These guys, they’re all dressed in black and they spend a lot of time in yoga studios, ’cause they’re like that for years.  It’s amazing.  They’re really talented.

And this film introduces a whole new cast of people. What can you tell us about them?  Because we haven’t heard much.

Marshall: And you know, there’s a great variety of…we have a great new cast.  We’ve got–

Crowley: Claire runs an organization protecting dinosaurs– The Dinosaur Protection Group, the DPG.  Okay?  And she has surrounded herself with young, environmentally conscious, hard working, unpaid people.

Marshall: Also yeah, not Internet savvy, but IT kind of savvy people who know how to raise awareness and within the right age groups and–

Crowley: Like a grassroots political movement.

Marshall: Like you would put together for a campaign.

Crowley: So there’s Justice Smith, okay, and he plays a character named Franklin.  And he is the essentially the IT guy for the group.

And we hear a reluctant guy, he doesn’t seem to wanna come.

Marshall: He’s a reluctant adventurer.  He loves being there at his computer and his keyboard.  But he doesn’t wanna go out and be Indiana Jones.  He’s not interested in that.

Crowley: So he doesn’t like to fly.  Or he doesn’t like bugs.  He really doesn’t like being outside.

So he’s the perfect person to go on this adventure.

Marshall: Absolutely.

Crowley: And then there’s Daniella Pineda who plays Zia.  And Zia is a paleo veterinarian.  She studied and went to university and knows, but has never actually seen a dinosaurs yet.  Since they’re all on Isla Nublar, this will be her first exposure to real flesh and blood dinosaurs.

Marshall: She’s pretty fiery in her defense of dinosaurs or like the rest of us and they need to be preserved.  We have to look, we have to keep him from being, becoming extinct.  Save the gorillas, you know.  Or the dolphins or whatever we’re saving this month.

And Colin told me that those two are the secret sauce of this movie.  That’s the words he used.

Marshall: Yeah. They keep things moving.  They’re characters you haven’t seen and you’re unexpected, they’re… court jester, whatever you wanna call, you know…

Crowley: They can add a little brevity without being too silly or whatever.

Marshall: Yeah, exactly.  They’re believable but they make it fun and exciting and real.

Crowley: ‘Cause then you’ve got Chris and Bryce and…

Marshall: There’s some drama there.

Crowley: They’re basically still reliving It Happened One Night, which was totally Steven’s idea.  We sat down when we did the first one and Steven said, have you guys all seen It Happened One Night?  It’s like yeah.  He said, let’s bring some of that.

Marshall: We want a little of that Clark Gable…

Crowley: A little of that, just that jousting.

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