Jurassic Park


Originally intended to be the first dinosaur on the Jurassic Park tour, this venom-spitting dino didn’t pop up until Dennis Nedry was desperately trying to get stolen dinosaur embryos back to the dock. This time the dinosaur pops up in hologram form to trick a pursuing velociraptor.

Cool, Night Vision!

Jurassic Park

Another one of the many Jurassic Park artifacts that Zach and Gray encounter are a pair of night vision goggles. They’re the exact kind of goggles that Tim was messing around with in the Ford Explorer before the T-Rex attacked. Are they heavy? Then they’re expensive, put them back.

Two Days in the Valley

Jurassic Park - Jurassic World - Valley

In the original Jurassic Park, there’s a gorgeous shot of the helicopter arriving on Isla Nublar, heading into a green valley on the coast. It appears this same valley is used for another helicopter arrival in Jurassic World, but it’s a little different this time since the helicopter is bringing InGen people to the island while the park is in ruins. Could this be a commentary on how the wonder has disappeared from the island and it has been corrupted by greed and chaos? (Thanks to the FromDirectorStevenSpielberg Tumblr for the image).

Objects in Mirror…

Jurassic Park

One of the more memorable shots in Jurassic Park is when we see a T-Rex opening its jaws in the reflection of one of the side mirrors of a Jeep Wrangler when Ellie and Muldoon rescue an injured Ian Malcolm. That shot is brought back in Jurassic World, but this time as a raptor pursues Claire, Zach and Gray.

Through the Broken Glass

Jurassic Park

The Indominus Rex attack on Zach and Gray in the gyrosphere isn’t quite as scary as the initial T-Rex attack from the first film, but there are some similarities in the attack. Much like when the T-Rex smashed through the glass roof of the Ford Explorer, the Indominus Rex does the same thing by breaking the glass of the gyrosphere as he tries to get his new meal.

Hungry Eyes

Jurassic Park - Jurassic World

It’s not until later in the movie that we learn one of the dinosaurs used to create the Indominus Rex was a raptor. But there’s a subtle hint to that fact in one of the early shots of the genetically modified dinosaur. We see the eye of the I-Rex through the leaves of the jungle in his container, and it’s a shot that calls back to a menacing shot of a raptor in Jurassic Park, watching as Muldoon gets eaten.

InGen Still Messing Things Up

Jurassic World - InGen

After bringing a T-Rex to San Diego, it looks like InGen still hasn’t learned their lesson. Instead of bringing dinosaurs to the mainland, this time they want to use them as weapons. Funnily enough, I think this is another element of the movie that goes along with the theory that Jurassic World is about the struggle to make a movie like Jurassic World. Remember when Jurassic Park 4 was originally going to have human-dinosaur hybrids that could wield weapons? That sounds like a stupid idea InGen would like to make happen.

Thanks to ScreenRant and Yahoo for informing some of the entries that appear on this list.

Are there any easter eggs we missed? Was there anything you were hoping to see in Jurassic World that didn’t pop up?

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