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They’re Flocking This Way

One of the more subtle references to Jurassic Park is the shot of what appear to be Gallimimus‘ galloping next to a truck full of tourists. You can’t help but notice that the angle of the shot is almost exactly the same as when Alan Grant and the kids end up running through a flock of them.

Also, I can’t be sure, but I believe there’s a a background hologram of a Gallimimus running that some kids are looking at, and I believe it’s the same animated model that convinced Steven Spielberg that making Jurassic Park was even possible.

Take That, Jurassic Park III

Jurassic World - Spinosaurus

In the final fight between the T-Rex and the Indominus Rex (and eventually a hero Velociraptor), the skeleton of a Spinosaurus, the big bad dinosaur from Jurassic Park III ends up getting smashed. It’s not clear whether this is meant as a bit of a dig at the inferior Jurassic Park sequel, but that’s how I’m going to look at it.

We Spared No Expense

Jurassic Park

There are a handful of times that John Hammond mentions to his first park visitors in Jurassic Park that, “We spared no expense.” And this philosophy on the building of the park is something that Masrani had instilled upon him by Hammond before he died as he directly references this line in Jurassic World.


Jurassic World Trailer Still 70

Steven Spielberg is responsible for essentially creating the blockbusters with Jaws, and reinventing it with Jurassic Park. Therefore, it only seems appropriate that the animal that the aquatic Mosasaurus chomps out of the sky is a shark. In a way, this seems like commentary on the evolution of not only the Jurassic Park franchise, but blockbusters in general. It would certainly fit in to the theory that Jurassic World is really about the struggle to make Jurassic World by pleasing audiences with bigger and better dinosaurs, much in the way that some Hollywood tentpoles are mindlessly manufactured by corporations.

Also, there’s a chance that the “We need more teeth,” line said by Gray could be another Jaws reference in the vein of “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” but that’s probably a stretch.

Raptor Showdown

Jurassic Park

Much like Alan, Ellie and the kids in Jurassic Park, Owen (Chris Pratt), Claire, Zach and Gray end up getting stuck in the visitor’s center with some raptors in hot pursuit. But unlike the first film, these raptors actually end up being the heroes when the Indominus Rex shows up.

Chaos Theory

Jurassic World

One of the many memorable pieces of dialogue from Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park is his explanation of chaos theory to Ellie. He uses the example of a two drops of water rolling down someone’s hand in different directions. You might noticed that when a drop off blood falls on one of the ACU team member’s wrist, a second drop of blood falls and goes in the other direction. That’s chaos theory.

That Jeep is 22 Years Old

Jurassic Park

Adding to the nostalgia of Jurassic Park, one of the many artifacts of the original park that Zach and Gray stumble upon is one of the Jeep Wranglers. However, this isn’t just any Jeep Wrangler. You’ll notice that the numbered card on the rearview mirror says it’s “029,” which is one of the Jeeps that drove Jurassic Park’s first attendants to see the Brahciosaurus.

Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffett

Jurassic World

As we mentioned previously, there’s a Margaritaville in Jurassic World, because it’s always five o’clock somewhere. However, what you might not know is that Jimmy Buffet, the musician creator of Margaritaville, actually has a cameo in the movie (check out a picture he posted from the set right here). He can be seen wearing a straw hat and a salmon-colored shirt. In fact, you can even see him run from some of the dinosaur madness on the main strip in front of the restaurant, but not before saving two margaritas off the table as he takes off.

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