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Question: This feels a little bit on the cosmic side of things, we know James Gunn is kind of overseeing that in a way. Is he at all involved in this?

Schwartz: I think he’s read the script, we talked to him about it a little bit. It takes place before a lot of what he’s doing happens, so I’m sure the Skrulls will be a fun toy to play with at some point. But I think we’ve really been able to do our own thing. But we love when James gives input for sure.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview took place before, you know, that]

Question: Can you talk a little bit about Anna and Ryan. It feels like the director style comes through more and more with every movie I’ve seen. What do they bring to this one?

Schwartz: All these movies start from a place of looking at the character, finding out what makes them cool, and bringing that out on the screen. And what’s great about Anna and Ryan’s movies is they’re so character-focused, they become these amazing character pieces. And they had a take on Carol, and a take on the movie, that brought all that to light in a great way. And so, now, they’re really sinking their teeth not just into the performances and not just into the character, but the pre-vis, the action, and everything else that goes into making one of these movies, and they have amazing character instincts, amazing skills of getting performances out of actors, and really incredible action instincts and commercial instincts, so they’re really bringing it all to the table and we’re lucky to have them.

Question: This is obviously gonna be the first female-lead Marvel movie. Was there something about Carol that made her the character that was going to take on that mantle and be this kind of reinvention of not just the MCU but also be the first female lead Marvel superhero with a solo movie?

Schwartz: Sure, I think if you’re going to put that on anybody’s shoulders, Carol’s are the strongest. She was always a character that excited us from the comic books. In all the mythology and all the characters we had to draw from, she always kept rising to the top. Her powers are super-cool, her story’s super-cool, the world she gets to take part in is super-cool. And that sort of all goes into the calculus of, what’s the next movie going to be?

Question: Are you going to be using any of that sort of de-aging, CG technology that we’ve seen in other Marvel movies for Sam or Clark or anyone else in the cast?

Schwartz: We will. We’ll be de-aging Sam a little bit, we’ll be de-aging Clark a little bit. Thankfully, both Clark and Sam look amazing, which is a big help for us. But yeah there will be a little bit of that. It’s certainly more shots than we’ve had to do in other movies. We’ve de-aged Robert [Downey Jr.], who looks amazing, and Kurt [Russell], who also looks amazing, we’ve been very lucky with the actors who’ve gone through this process. But this will be significantly more in a movie than we’ve ever done before, which is a fun challenge to have, but I don’t think we could ever ask someone to step into Sam Jackson’s shoes, so I’m glad we’re doing it.

Question: You’re introducing Maria in this film, and her daughter Monica, so is that obviously going to be a set up for the future?

Schwartz: I hope there’s more story to tell with Monica, certainly the movie leaves it open for that stuff. I think one of the things that was really fun about the stories that came together and the Monica relationship and the Maria relationship with Carol was being able to tell this story of female friendship, and intergenerational female friendships.

Question: She’s a mother, and you don’t really see that in superhero films. Was that a conscious decision to make her a mother and make that part of the story?

Schwartz:It was, and it felt like a natural way into the Maria-Monica characters. It felt like a great way to give Carol a fun relationship that we haven’t seen before. And it’s not gonna keep Monica from being away from the fun of this journey.

Question: Can you talk about the character being played by Annette Bening?

Schwartz: No. Can I pass on that one? I’m gonna pass.

Question: There’s a lot going on in the early 90s in the MCU with Klaw stealing the Vibranium, Howard Stark dying just a month before that. Is any of that tied into this movie?

Schwartz: It’s all happening. It’s all happening in the background. Part of what we liked about the 90s, like I said, was giving Carol her own turf. There are a lot of setups, and there are a lot of connections to other things happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think what’s most important is giving Carol space for her own adventure.

Question: Can you specifically say what year this takes place?

Schwartz: Uh, I think we say… Actually, no, no I can’t.

Question: Is there a unique MCU spin on the Skrulls as opposed to what we know from the comics?

Schwartz: There’s always a spin on it, there’s always a take. But I think what people know about the Skrulls is, they’re not to be trusted, they can shape-shift into anybody, and that makes them super-dangerous. And those things I think you’ll definitely find in the movie.

Question: I didn’t see the chin. Are you going away from the Thanos chin?

Schwartz: Oh no, man, they’ve got chins.

Question: Thanos chins?

Schwartz: They’ve got their own chins.

Question: We’ve been hearing a lot about how Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero in the MCU. What does that mean? Does that mean she can just beat Thor and Hulk in a fight? Or is there more to it than that? Can she beat Thor and Hulk in a fight?

Schwartz:I know better than to wade in the ‘Who can beat Thor in a fight’ [debate].

Question: Well, if you’re saying she’s the most powerful, I’m interested in hear an explanation on what you mean when you guys say that?

Schwartz: I think if you go back [to the tape]… Is anyone recording this? I think it was, ‘one of the most if not the most.’ But part of the fun certainly is that she is super-powered and kind of able to use her powers on a scale that we haven’t seen before. What that means for the movie, I think we’ll wait and see.

Question: One of the things about the Marvel films, starting back with Iron Man, that makes them so enjoyable, is that they do feel so grounded even though they get so cosmic. Can you talk a little bit about how this film is going to feel grounded even though it’s very fantastical?

Schwartz: Yeah, it’s a little misleading, because everything behind you [on the walls] is super fantastical. We didn’t do a lot of concept art of all the practical locations we’re shooting in. But that’s about half the movie. Part of the fun of shooting in Los Angeles is we get to go to real places and really shoot there. And that’s also part of what Ryan and Anna bring to the movie and part of their aesthetic is grounding this kind of crazy outer-space adventure in the reality of shooting in Los Angeles. And I think that’s going to result in a really interesting, really cool aesthetic that you haven’t seen in a Marvel movie before.

Question: Is that why you guys decided to shoot here and not in Atlanta, primarily?

Schwartz: There’s a few different reasons. One of them is, not a lot of big movies shoot in LA anymore, so it weirdly feels like fresh territory for a movie like this. I think we really like the idea of shooting LA for LA, especially 90s LA for LA, which is so specific and cool. And part of it is that our crews have been traveling to Atlanta and traveling to the UK and traveling everywhere for a long time, and getting them home to see their families for a movie is not the worst thing in the world.

Question: There are a lot of parallels between Captain Marvel and Green Lantern, with being in the Air Force and she’s going to space to fight with aliens, wearing a green costume, getting superpowers. Did you guys discuss that at all? Like maybe where they zig, we’ll zag, that kind of thing, or maybe a cautionary tale?

Schwartz: I’m sure we discussed it at some point. I think the characters are different enough and where they come from are different enough that it wasn’t a huge thing. Certainly what we want to do with this movie, and with every movie, is show the audience something they haven’t seen before. And I think that means making it unique from Green Lantern and unique from the other Marvel movies.

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