You talked a little bit about science and obviously, the Megalodon existed.  But–

You know, I don’t think that gets said enough.  I did all the TV stuff.  And I talked about other movies, other monster movies and stuff.  Unlike King Kong or Godzilla, this is a real thing.  This isn’t a movie fabrication, what if there was a super, duper big shark.  There was a super, duper big shark.  The only question we ask is what if it were still alive today?  And came to say hi.  This is a real animal that was really badass.  And most, there aren’t a ton of Megalodon experts because very little is known.  They just know they existed.  And they can’t think of anything that could have killed it.  So whatever killed it was not another shark.  

the meg book series

So, I mean, the movie doesn’t end with a Marvel-style tease for more, but I imagine this movie’s gonna be big and internationally it’s gonna do big, is there ideas for…?

Well, fortunately, we have a whole series of books with a whole series of ideas.  So there’s all kinds of stuff in there to do.  Jaws again becomes a template of things to do and not do, right?  The sequels to Jaws very quickly became real stretches to try to find another way to do this movie.  Part of it is in your first movie, there’s the mystery of what it is.  And by the time you get to your second movie, you don’t have that.  And you can very quickly go too big, too fast.  

Unless you have something bigger.  

And then you need something big and next thing you know there’s a movie called Super Megalodon Versus Super Duper Megalodon.  And no one wants to see that.  

Avengers Infinity War Blu-Ray - Thanos

I just thought…did Thanos wipe out half of the sea life as well?

Yes.  Actually, I think Kevin Feige said that all of, all animals on Earth. 

Wow.  That is phenomenal.  Thanos is awesome.  I love him.

Can you talk a little bit about this as a fun blockbuster movie?  And I love those but they sometimes forego logic for the fun. Like where do you draw that line?

The line should…  We may never fully succeed, we’re still going, yeah.  We may never fully succeed, but the line should always be only do what’s possible.  Only do what’s, you know, plausible. You can question what’s plausible.  It may not be what’s plausible, I mean, but what’s possible?  What let the shark always behave like a shark.  And hopefully let people always behave like people.  However, we need to expand our ideas of how people behave.  It’s one of the things Marvel has done very well, but we, my thought was and I would say to the actors, don’t forget, you’ve seen shark movies before.  Right?  Jason’s character probably saw Jaws.  Right?


So you don’t have to act like this is like you don’t get the joke.  Like you don’t get the cliché.  The people in the movie get the movie cliché they’re in.  And you see, we, my thing was the best way to avoid a cliché if it comes up is to lean into it.  Right?  

Yeah.  Acknowledge it.

Acknowledge it.  And in fact, point it out.  

 Yeah.  And you do that a couple times.

And so we do that and I think it helps the film and it helps the audience relax a little bit.  And not feel they have to be movie policemen.  

Every time I see you, I have to ask about National Treasure 3.

I know.  

It’s my job.  I’m sorry.  

I need you, I really do, I need you to make a lot of money in the stock market so you can go finance this film.  I would make it tomorrow.  Finding the right script is hard.  It was brutal for the first two.  It’s still gonna be brutal for the third.  But I don’t think Disney wants to make it.  And I think they have other things they wanna make more.  But I’m telling you if we did another one–

Well, now they have a streaming platform.  So they need content.

Well, the fact is it’ll probably be made as a streaming film.  Which is great for some people and not great for others.  

They’ll reboot it.  Yeah, they’ll reboot Three Ninjas [Turteltaub’s 1992 family film].  

They’d be fools not to.  

It's A Small World movie

One last question for you.  I know you were attached to a movie with Disney called It’s a Small World.

Still am.

It’s still going? 

I took my daughter on the ride this weekend actually.  Last weekend.  We’re still…  Anyone who says making a movie based on the Small World ride is ridiculous is completely right.  Which is why it’s really tricky to figure it out.  Because there is a way where it’s not ridiculous.  Where in fact it’s pretty clever and delightful.  We’re working on the clever and delightful version and that’s gonna take more time than the really ridiculous, bad version.

What is the logline or you can’t share or…?

I think we know it’s very emotional because it is a world of laughter and a world of tears.

Okay, well thank you very much, Jon.  Appreciate it.

Thank you.

As a Disneyland Annual passholder, don’t eff it up.

[laughs] I’ll try not to screw it up for you.

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