Jimmy Fallon Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

This was a rather tame edition of headline jokes from Colin Jost and Michael Che, and sadly, it was missing any real interaction between the two anchors. I did enjoy the cheesy jokes about the 13-pound baby a woman had in Australia, but otherwise, the writing for this edition of Weekend Update didn’t feel up to snuff.

Jacob the Bat Mitzvah Boy on Passover – When I say that the writing of Weekend Update this time wasn’t really on par with the quality we’ve seen recently, it also applies to this segment. Jacob the Bat Mitzvah Boy can be funny, but we’ve seen him do Passover before, and there was nothing about this new edition that felt like it needed to be on the show.

Bruce Chandling on Spring – If this weren’t a Weekend Update segment, it would be up top with the rest of the best sketches. This character is one that most SNL viewers won’t get. He’s a weird one, but I laugh so hard on the occasion that Kyle Mooney gets to bring him back. With each appearance, Bruce Chandling gets more sad and desperate as he clings to his 1980s stand-up comedy sensibilities and style.

The Host

We already know that Jimmy Fallon makes for a great host because he’s the star of The Tonight Show. And when he comes back SNL, it’s always a blast. Plus, it’s always impressive to me when a host can kick off the show with a bang by doing some kind of musical number that isn’t meant to be funny, but moreso in tune with the spirit of SNL as a sort of late night variety show. It’s a fun set up for what should be a fun night for the cast and audience. Jimmy Fallon also did a lot of singing after the monologue in this episode, which is surprising for a host who’s not known for being a music star.

Jimmy Fallon Hosted Saturday Night Live


Jimmy Fallon – It’s mostly the John Travolta gag that had me deciding to give the title to Jimmy Fallon this week. But at the same time, whenever Fallon comes back to SNL as a host, he brings this high amount of enthusiasm with him that energizes the whole cast. You could feel that through the whole show, even if this episode wasn’t one of the stronger ones of the season.

The Final Word

This episode wasn’t nearly as good as last week’s with Louis C.K., but it still had some solid sketches to top the night. I was hoping that there would be some more cameos from SNL veterans, but only Rachel Dratch made a return for one sketch. I guess SNL can only do so much of that when they already have Donald Trump and Melissa McCarthy making guest appearances, not to mention Harry Styles showing off his comedic chops.

We’ll be back in a couple weeks after Chris Pine hosts SNL on May 6.

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