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The Average

Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition – Showcases for celebrity impressions can be hit or miss, especially under the frame of Celebrity Family Feud. But this one featuring the added twist of having celebrities from 2017 and 1977 was a nice touch, especially with the gimmick of Jimmy Fallon playing John Travolta on both sides. His younger Travolta was infinitely better than his older Travolta, but it was rather impressive how he made the quick change for the last gag, not to mention ending with a Face/Off joke. I hope SNL releases video of him changing off camera for us to see how it happened. Otherwise, Harry Styles does a fine Mick Jagger impression, but I could have done without the wink and nod to his solo career.

Easter Message from Sean Spicer – Melissa McCarthy was fantastic as Sean Spicer, as usual, but there was something that felt weird about it. First of all, there were no cast members to ask questions as the press for Spicer to react to, which is a huge part of what made McCarthy’s previous appearances so funny. That’s because this sketch was shot live in Los Angeles, not New York. That means there also wasn’t a live audience to feed McCarthy’s performance, which really changes the rhythm and energy of a performance. It was still quite amusing, especially with that easter egg car reveal, but this just goes to show you how important the live dynamic can be with SNL.

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner – Although the appearance of Jimmy Fallon as Jared Kushner to the musical cue of EMF’s 90s hit “Unbelievable” was a smirk-inducing, new addition to the parody of Donald Trump by Alec Baldwin, it wasn’t enough to give us a sketch that was exactly noteworthy. There were moments that brought light laughter, but otherwise, this was one of the lesser attempts to poke fun at Trump. Again, the weight of real life events make the comedy side of the current political stage a little difficult.

New Shirt – I’m so torn on this sketch. On one hand, the image of seeing Jimmy Fallon, Beck Bennett and Pete Davidson slowly retreat into their shirt to the tune of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” is really weird and funny. On the other hand, the sketch itself feels right on the cusp of being just plain weird without being funny enough to even things out. Maybe that’s just me though.

The Worst

Civil War Soldiers – The premise for this sketch is a funny one. A few Civil War soldiers take it upon themselves to spice up an old folk song with some modern pop sensibilities. But the timing of Harry Styles entrance into the sketch and his part in the proceedings felt poorly timed and awkward. It didn’t help that the fake bear Styles was wearing kept peeling off the left side of his face, making for quite the distracting gaffe. The song itself was funny, but the sketch just didn’t work for me as well as it should have.

Sully & Denise – I’ll be completely honest with you: I’ve never liked these characters that Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch played during their time as cast members on Saturday Night Live. I get it, they’re crass Bostonians with an immature sense of humor. But they’ve just always felt like a weak Boston version of Wayne’s World that never made me laugh all that much (not unlike the Jarret’s Room web series style sketch that Fallon used to do with Horatio Sanz). I like the touch of bringing Kate McKinnon into the fray as their daughter, but this sketch barely made me crack a smile.

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