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Holding Down the New Family Fort

Meanwhile, Bob is tasked with taking care of the kids at home. The trailers we’ve seen so far have already shown how Bob is struggling with being a stay-at-home father. Not only is taking care of a baby with superpowers exhausting (yes, the family finds out), but Violet appears to be dealing with a new level of teenage angst, likely tied to her lack of a relationship with Tony Rydinger, while Dash is a little energetic ball of fire who creates stress for Bob simply by needing help with his homework.

Thankfully, the Parr family has a fancy new house to make life a little easier on them. Winston Deavor is putting them up as part of his deal to work with Elastigirl, and this house is on the same level as a state-of-the-art James Bond-style house. Originally, production designer Ralph Eggleston and his team had a house that was a little more quaint all set up and ready for the movie. But they ended up throwing the entire design away in favor of something much larger and technologically advanced. Thankfully, their animation software allowed them to easily transfer some of the animation and virtual camera movements they were already working on and bring them over to the new house without having to completely start everything over from scratch.

The home was actually designed to look like a rocket blasting off from the ground at an angle. The pointed roof is the front of the rocket while the trees and shrubbery look like the exhaust and smoke that blasts out of it from the back. It’s a 38,000 square foot virtual space (compared to the previous 2,300 square foot space of the scrapped design) with open-flowing water running throughout the house like some kind of indoor river. Meanwhile, there are shifting floors revealing stylish mid-century furniture and accents, plenty of futuristic gadgets, a pool, and a gorgeous view of the city. It might be a nice place to live, but is it really a suitable home for the Parr family? That remains to be seen.

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Final Thoughts

Judging by the footage shown to us at Pixar Animation, this is exactly the kind of sequel fans have wanted to see for years. This doesn’t feel like a cash grab sequel, especially since it’s been 14 years since the first film came out anyway. Instead, it feels like the natural continuation of a story that always felt like there was more to be told, even beyond the obvious cliffhanger from the first movie. Pixar has improved upon their remarkable first film in every way, including the evolution of the all-important family dynamic at the center of this stylish adventure.

If there’s one issue I had after screening all this new footage, it’s that following the opening action sequence involving the Underminer, there seems to be an awful lot of verbose exposition and character work. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for patient moviegoers, but there was one instance where I thought to myself that Pixar’s target kids might get bored during the 10 or so minutes of story set-up that following the opening heroics. Then again, in my recent rewatch of The Incredibles, I realized that there’s almost just as much similar, purposeful set-up after the opening action of the original movie, too.

Even after seeing 35 minutes of the movie, as well as some revealing pieces of concept art in the halls of Pixar, it’s clear that director Brad Bird is still playing plenty of things close to the vest. There are still details about the villain’s plot that are unclear (though we’ll help clear that up with an article coming later today), threads that still need to be connected, and nearly 90 more minutes of the movie that we’ve yet to see.

Brad Bird himself commented on the various topics that the movie tackles throughout, such as, “exploring the roles of men and women; the importance of fathers participating; the importance of allowing women to express themselves through work and that they’re just as vital as men are. There are aspects of being controlled by screens. There are feelings about the difficulties of parenthood, that parenting is a heroic act. All those things are in this movie.”

Based on this sneak peek, Incredibles 2 should be a worthy successor to Pixar’s beloved superhero adventure, and it will bring plenty to the table that even the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War won’t deliver when it arrives a month and a half beforehand.

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