Idris Elba Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

There are some real mic drop jokes in this edition of Weekend Update. What I particularly liked is Colin Jost and Michael Che reacting more to each other’s jokes. Che especially liked a few of the jokes Jost had. But easily the best joke of this entire Weekend Update segment was that one-liner about Michael Jackson and the Leaving Neverland documentary. I honestly can’t believe they did it on air. It was amazing.

Baskin Johns Shares More Goop Products – This Baskin Jones character from Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop isn’t one of my favorite bits that Heidi Gardner does at the Weekend Update desk. However, since this one actually brings in Gwyneth Paltrow as a supervisor character who has the same problem, it was a little more enjoyable. Hopefully this means that the character has run its course.

Pete Davidson and R. Kelly and Michael Jackson – If you thought that the Michael Jackson doctor joke was the only controversial bit that was going to come from Weekend Update, this segment with Pete Davidson talking about the ethics of enjoying music created by predators like R. Kelly and Michael Jackson is here to prove you wrong. It’s edgy, funny, raw, and honestly, right on the money. This is why Davidson is such a beloved part of SNL, even if his character work in sketches usually leaves something to be desired.

Leslie Jones’ Funeral Plans – I’m not sure we needed both Pete Davidson and Leslie Jones doing stand-up style bits at the Weekend Update desk this week. This wasn’t a bad segment, especially with Leslie Jones being confused by being on Che’s side of the desk instead of Colin’s (I’d like to hear about the logistics of that decision), but it wasn’t the banger that should have closed Weekend Update either.

The Host

Not enough can be said about how impressively funny Idris Elba was in his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. Admittedly, during his monologue, I thought this episode might turn out to be a bit of a dud. Even though Elba gives a great monologue that’s extremely inspirational when it comes to talking about following your dreams, it wasn’t all that funny, and he seemed nervous. But thankfully, it wasn’t an indication as to how the rest of the night was going to go, and he turned out to be fantastic. Please, get this man in more comedies as soon as possible.


Idris Elba Hosted Saturday Night Live

Idris Elba – Several cast members had great moments this week, but this was also one of those episodes where nearly everyone had a shining moment (sorry, Ego Nwodim and Kyle Mooney), making it hard for someone to run away as this week’s MVP. So Idris Elba comes out on top, and it’s rightfully earned since he had to subvert expectations of being a more dramatic actor.

The Final Word

The writers and cast of SNL are on a roll right now after last week’s John Mulaney episode and this week’s surprisingly great run with Idris Elba. It’s kind of amazing that two of the best episodes of the season came right in a row like that. Thankfully, SNL is getting a bit of a break before the next episode arrives on March 30 with host Sandra Oh, so they won’t be running on fumes for the next episode. Here’s hoping they can still keep this momentum going.

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