Idris Elba Hosted Saturday Night Live

Idris Elba is best known for his roles in shows like The Wire or Luther, and big screen performances in the likes of Pacific Rim, Thor, Beasts of No Nation and Molly’s Game. But he’s certainly not known for his comedic chops. However, we’re hoping that changes after his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Not only was Idris Elba surprisingly hilarious, but he was extremely comfortable, and the result was an exceptional follow-up to last weekend’s stellar episode with John Mulaney.

So let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the Idris Elba hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Power Point – Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant need to start doing more sketches together. Between this sketch and last week’s Weekend Update barbecue appearance, the two have been amazing together. In this one, their frantic and discouraged old receptionist characters are delightfully panicked and absolutely hilarious. Plus, the comedy that comes from the visual gag of their terrible Power Point skills cannot be understated. Such a great sketch.

Soccer BroadcastSNL has crafted some classic sports broadcaster sketches like this before, but this one is particularly good thanks to Idris Elba’s footie player’s deadpan stupidity. If this doesn’t prove that Idris Elba needs to star in more British comedy programming, whether it’s on TV or film, then I don’t know what will. This sketch is fast-paced and fiercely funny.

R. Kelly Interview – Well, this interview was a nice break from the hellish landscape of the United States government this week, so it’s nice to see that SNL took the opportunity to be timely and relevant without diving into political headlines at all for any of the sketches. Instead, we got this outstanding cold open with Kenan Thompson as the totally insane R. Kelly in this interview with Gayle King. It’s barely more ridiculous than the real interview itself, but the writers still did this one just right.

Magic Show – Why doesn’t Leslie Jones do more physical comedy on Saturday Night Live? Not only is her enthusiasm about this magic show opportunity funny, but the slapstick gags are great here too. From the traditional sword trick gone wrong to some serious struggle with a water tank, her physical presence is a riot. Plus, the revelation at the end of the sketch from Kenan Thompson’s character takes it to an entirely different place that makes the proceedings even funnier.

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