Germain’s Most Anticipated Films of 2015

Trainwreck Schumer Apatow Hader

10. Trainwreck

Up until now, Judd Apatow has only directed films he wrote himself. So there must have been something about the script from writer and star Amy Schumer to get the comic genius on board. I’d sign up for anything from either of those two, but if you put them together, add Bill Hader as the second lead, with Lebron James in a key role and an absolutely incredible cast behind them? Trainwreck could potentially surpass the brilliance Apatow has given us in the past. Release Date: July 24

The Martian book cover

9. The Martian

Ridley Scott burned me a few years ago. Prometheus was my #1 anticipated movie of 2012 and it did not live up to that placement. He’s going back to space in 2015 with The Martian and the difference this time is I’ve read the source material. And the movie could be epic. The “Gravity meets Cast Away” logline isn’t lying, as Matt Damon will play a man stranded on Mars by his group of astronauts. Andy Weir‘s book goes in a ton of interesting directions and Scott definitely could make the movie into something special. Release Date: November 24

entourage set photos

8. Entourage

The first personal Germain pick. When I first saw Entourage I, like the guys on the show, was a New Yorker thinking about a move to Los Angeles. I made that move, and while I haven’t reached Vincent Chase levels of success yet, the story of these four New York buddies taking over Hollywood has always been something I adore, relate to and flat-out enjoy. As a movie fan, there’s so much insider stuff to like. As a comedy fan, the dialogue and witty banter is wonderful. And as an LA fan, the scenery can’t be beat. Writer director Doug Ellin didn’t have to make an Entourage movie but the fact that he did has me cueing up the theme song and cruising down Sunset. Release Date: June 5

Pitch Perfect 2 Barden Bellas

7. Pitch Perfect 2

The second personal Germain pick. When I saw the first Pitch Perfect, it was a total breath of fresh air. Something frivolous, fun, something that lived in my head between viewings thanks to its catchy music and funny jokes. Since then it’s only grown in my heart thanks to innumerable rewatches, sing-alongs and quote-a-thons among friends and family alike. I wasn’t the only one who had a budding relationship with this film, either. So now we get a sequel. Who would have guessed we’d ever get a follow-up with more music, more dancing, more movie references and cheesy romance? Not this guy and that’s aca-awesome. Release Date: May 15

The Hateful Eight poster header

6. The Hateful Eight

If Quentin Tarantino makes a movie in any given year, it’s on this list. Period, end of story. The middle of the pack placement is simply because I honestly don’t know what to make of this movie. We know the cast is amazing. We know a little about the plot, consisting of a group of Western villains stuck together in a snowstorm. That almost makes it sound like a stage play, and is there really reason to shoot people talking for two hours on 70mm film? Maybe there is. Either way, it’s the new Tarantino, he’s excited about it, so I’m totally in. Release Date: Fall 2015

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