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Yes, there are still dragons on Game of Thrones. Thanks for asking.

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The last time we saw Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, he was dying from a poisoned weapon and Qyburn, that shifty former maester, was using him to perform some nasty science experiments. And the next thing you know, a newly returned Cersei finds herself with a hulking new bodyguard who hides his face beneath a helm. Hmm. Known as “Ser Robert Strong” in the books, this guy is obviously Gregor reanimated through wicked experimentation and he looks to be Cersei’s new weapon in her war against he High Sparrow. Yes, Game of Thrones has magic zombies and science zombies now.

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This brief shot says volumes. These guys are obviously Westerosi knights, but the land around them is obviously Dorne. And note the man in the front. The one unsheathing his sword. The one with the same haircut as Ned Stark. Yes, it looks like this is from the infamous Tower of Joy scene, a flashback that was filmed for this season. In the novels, we know that a young Ned led a group of knights to that Tower in Dorne, where three members of the Targaryen Kingsguard were guarding the captive Lyanna Stark. We also know that most of Ned’s friends die in the ensuing fight. And we also know that Ned climbs the tower, finds his sister dying, and she forces him to make some kind of promise.

This is the (potentially very spoiler-y! Proceed at your own caution!) fan theory: Lyanna Stark was on her deathbed after giving birth to the son of her captor, Rhaegar Targaryen. Upon seeing her brother, she made him promise to protect her son from a vengeful Robert Baratheon at all costs. So Ned named the kid Jon Snow and kept the link between the Stark and Targaryen bloodlines safe and secure, presenting him to the world as his bastard son.

But wait…why is this information important when Jon Snow is so obviously and clearly dead and not coming back?

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And wait…why is a member of the Night’s Watch bashing down a door while Ser Alliser Thorne, who oversaw the assassination of Jon Snow, looks on? We’ll get to this in a moment.

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Tommen Baratheon is still king. Poor lad. This is what someone being eaten alive in slow motion looks like.

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This shot is our first glimpse of some kind of gigantic battle sequence. Who is fighting whom? And where? The landscape suggests that this is either the lower portions of the North or the Riverlands, but it’s not entirely clear. However, reports from the show’s Irish set have suggests a major clash between Stark and Bolton forces. But who would be leading the Starks? The Starks are dead and scattered to the winds, right? Right?

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What the heck is Littlefinger up to now? Season five already went far beyond Petyr Baelish’s role in the books, so your guess is as good as mine on the subject of what he has up his sleeve next. Whatever it is, it’s surely not good and will result in a lot of people dying and what-not.

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Here’s a shot of someone slapping around Arya Stark, who was blinded by her assassination school in the season five finale for committing a personal murder and not adhering to her Faceless Man training. In other words, it looks like she’s in for a rough time.

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Here’s another shot from that major battle sequence. I’m collecting it here because I want to remind you of the time when the series had to knock a character unconscious so they could skip over a battle because they couldn’t afford it. How things have changed, part two.

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Could Theon Greyjoy end up at the Kingsmoot? He’s not there in books (he’s still the prisoner of Ramsay Bolton at that point), but this shot indicates that the show may maneuver him there in time for the action. After all, he’s seemingly amongst fellow Greyjoys and the bearded, ragged man dumping his face into water certainly looks like a Drowned Priest, a.k.a. the clergy of the Iron Islands.

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