Gal Gadot Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che got deadly serious with gun control punchlines tonight, but sometimes that’s exactly what good satire is supposed to do. By mocking the tragedy of our reality with incredulity, we are able to express our frustrations with the status quo. It wasn’t all heavy-handed punchlines though as there were some stellar one-liners to be observed as well.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Neil Gorsuch – I didn’t find this particular edition of Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her famous Ginsburns, but I also can’t help but give the comedian kudos for disappearing into this character. In this particular edition, McKinnon knocked off her glasses, but didn’t miss a single beat, even staying in character to an ad-libbed reaction from Colin Jost. She’s a consummate professional, and this is the kind of talent it takes to be the best.

Pete Davidson on Mental Health – It’s good to have Pete Davidson back and like any good comedian, using his real life circumstances to inspire great comedy. In this case, it comes with the added bonus of meta comedy about trying to get himself into more sketches on SNL as a way of combating his own depression. The note from his doctor was hilarious, and I hope Pete Davidson does get more screen time now that he’s working through his issues.

The Host

Gal Gadot isn’t a comedy star, and she also has an accent which can make playing characters on a TV show that comes together in a single week a difficult endeavor. But Gadot did the best she could, remaining upbeat and chipper, barely faltering throughout the episode. Even so, Gal Gadot was employed mostly as the straight woman in each sketch, something that is often done with dramatic actors who haven’t really stretched their comedic chops before, and it really did let her cut as loose as I hoped she would.

Gadot has some comedy experience after starring in Keeping Up with the Joneses, but she wasn’t exactly delivering many of the laughs in that movie (no one did, to be honest). It would have been nice to see her get a little crazy, but it seems that Gadot is one of those stars who doesn’t have a lot of crossover potential between drama and comedy. While she may not be naturally funny, she had enough energy and charisma to coast through the evening, and she deserves credit for giving this daunting job a solid attempt. At the very least, she was clearly having a blast with the cast.


Saturday Night Live - Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson – Aside from being in the best sketch of the night, Kenan Thompson was a strong performer throughout the night, even bringing laughs to the less than stellar sketches of the evening. Even The Naomi Sketch wasn’t a total wash because of Kenan Thompson’s presence as a fake drill sergeant. His energy can always be counted on to hold up a sketch higher than it otherwise might reach.

The Final Word

Overall, this was a rather middle of the road episode of Saturday Night Live. Part of that comes from the fact that the host didn’t do anything particularly outlandish or hilarious. But the other part comes from the fact that it might have been a little difficult to pull comedy out of a week that was filled with so much sadness thanks to the Las Vegas tragedy. There wasn’t even any room for any political satire with the exception of Weekend Update.

Here’s hoping next week things perk up when there’s a full fledged comedian on set with Kumail Nanjiani hosting the October 14 episode of Saturday Night Live. Be sure to come back for our review.

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