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Kylo Ren Began As “Jedi Killer,” a Darth Vader Copycat

Many bad guys were explored in the development of Star Waers Episode 7. The idea that kept coming up was a villain known as Jedi Killer. Its not clear how this exactly evolved into Kylo Ren, but it seems like the concept of the Jedi Killer was incorporated in the Star Wars Rebels animated series as Inquisitors.

In fact, Christian Alzmann’s unused concept art for a Sith Jedi Killer was later used for the Fifth Brother in Rebels. Another idea for the Jedi Killer involved a red mask with a black circle. That design looked very cool and because it was not used for the villain, they decided instead to use it in the film for the Guavian Death Gang.

For a while, J.J. Abrams apparently liked the idea that the bad guy would be dressed in a costume that looked very similar to Darth Vader in order to mess with Luke’s head. The conceit may have been that Darth Vader had a specific title and look to him and that the other lords of the Sith that followed would have a similar look. I’m sure we see shades of this concept in Kylo Ren’s obsession with Vader.

One version of the Jedi Killer was somehow sustained by sun matter, and a piece of art showed him in his meditation chamber eating sun energy in the room. A few of the concepts for Jedi Killer involved a floating droid sidekick, which looked like the interrogation droid from A New Hope crossed with an Imperial probe droid.

force awakens concept art

The Resistance Developed a Super Weapon Called the War-Hammer

General Leia appeared earlier in the story and was shown developing a super weapon which was referred to a the “War-Hammer.” The super weapon would’ve been several times the size of a Star Destroyer and took the form of a massive ship with a huge front that could penetrate any shield and was able to deploy ships through it.

Force Awakens han solo

Han Solo Was a Down-and-Out Drunk Space Cowboy

Early concepts for old Han Solo incorporated a more Sergio Leone-style Western look, with a long duster jacket, combed-back hair, and a beard.

Kira and Sam would originally first encounter a down-and-out Han Solo on a planet they were calling “Crime City.” Concept art shows Solo drunk at a table in a seedy bar in the moment we would have first met the character in this film.

bb8 concept art

Rey Had a Flying Droid; BB-8 Started As a Probe Droid Named “Surly”

Rey’s character Kira originally had her own droid, which started out as a small, hovering, almost probe-like droid that would follow and help the scavenger.

The earliest concept art of John Doe (Poe)’s droid looked like a circular R2-unit head on a Imperial probe droid body. After J.J. Abrams came to the idea of the droid having a circular body and round magnetic head, BB-8 began to really take shape.

But BB-8 was not the original name of the droid. He was originally given the temp working name of “Surly.” The first place we were to meet the droid was in a droid repair area on a Star Destroyer where he was to escape incineration.

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