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You’re not sick of reading about Star Wars: The Force Awakens quite yet, right? Okay. Good. We still have jobs. In today’s edition of The Force Awakens bits:

  • A potential release date for the Force Awakens Blu-ray.
  • The secret lurking in the First Order’s Star Destroyers.
  • A minor grammatical error creates a new fan theory.
  • John Williams talks about creating new music cues for new characters.
  • A big batch of new concept art.
  • Director Adam Green waxes poetic on Star Wars.
  • John Boyega‘s Finn is now an expensive action figure.
  • BB-8 ice cubes, anyone?

The reliable has Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to hit shelves on April 5, 2016. However, this date hasn’t been officially announced in any way, so this news should be treated with the appropriate amount of skepticism until we hear something official. After all, The Force Awakens could very well continue to play well in theaters for the next several months. But also after all, the window between theatrical and home release has been getting shorter and shorter…

star wars crawl

Well, here’s a wacky theory that is complete and total nonsense. Still, it’s the kind of complete and total nonsense that we can get behind. notes that the opening crawl of The Force Awakens features one of two things: either an impossibly minor grammatical error, or a clue that will shake up the Star Wars universe as we know it. As you can see in the image above, there’s no comma after Luke and… well, we’ll just let them explain it:

The commas are necessary because “Luke” is not essential to the meaning of the sentence — “brother” is. His name is unnecessary information, as Leia has only one brother, meaning it should be offset by commas.

So either Darth Vader found time to make another kid at some point or they forgot a comma. We’ll go with the latter. For now.

The Empire Strikes Back without music

The LA Times spoke with legendary composer John Williams about returning to the Star Wars saga for the seventh time. While some of the quotes are a little familiar (Williams has been creating this music for 40 years, after all), he does take a moment to explain the motivation behind the music for the new characters. Take Rey, for example:

It’s an interesting challenge with her, because it doesn’t suggest a love theme in any way. It suggests a female adventurer, but with great strength. She’s a fighter, she’s infused with the Force, and it needed to be something that was strong but thoughtful.

For Kylo Ren, Williams worked to transplant the character’s conflicting feelings (as well as his connection to another iconic character) through the score:

There’s a more ruminative part that is usually done softly. I don’t think it portrays any particular weakness, but possibly hesitancy. But then there’s the motif that’s often strong, that seems to be the embodiment of evil. I thought that it should be a relative of Darth Vader, but also something entirely different in terms of melody.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

The folks over at CinemaBlend have put together a fun (if slightly batty) theory that suggests how the First Order may be more deeply connected to the Force than the Empire ever was. While reading through information about various ships on the official Star Wars website, they noted that the Star Destroyer Finalizer (the command ship of General Hux and Kylo Ren) is equipped with lasers powered by Kyber crystals. What does that mean? Well:

That may seem like a minor detail on the surface, but it’s one with wide reaching implications. Kyber crystals are a special substance uniquely in tune with the Force and they are what power each and every lightsaber. This provides a deep connection between a Jedi Knight and his or her weapon, allowing it to be an extension of themselves more than just a simple tool. (This is why Rey has such a reaction when she touches Luke’s lightsaber, she’s feeling the entire history of the artifact.) Natural kyber crystals glow green or blue, though the Dark Side traditionally uses synthetic ones, which glow red.

Does this suggest that Supreme Leader Snoke has been quietly bulking up his fleet with items that will give them an edge against traditional technology? And if so, is this the kind of thing that gets explored in moves or in future novels and comics alone?

art of TFA 1

The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available for purchase right now at this very second, but Buzzfeed has a collection of new images from the book. You know, just in case you need a little more encouragement to pick this thing up. As is often the case with concept art, some of these pictures showcase the DNA of the final product and others… don’t. (You can also get a more in-depth look at some of the concept art here.)

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