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If you’re keeping a master list of every Easter egg, reference, and in-joke smuggled into The Force Awakens, it’s time for another update. Sound designer David Acord sat down with Nerdist and revealed that another iconic Lucasfilm movie has a clever aural cameo in the film:

Then there’s some other cool things like when the rathtar is rolling down the hallway after Han and Chewie, I put in the sound of Ben Burtt’s boulder roll sound from Raiders of the Lost Ark when the boulder is chasing Indy.

Since Raiders of the Lost Ark managed to smuggle R2-D2 and C-3PO into some hieroglyphics, the movie had to return the favor somehow! Accord also revealed that the noise that accompanies Kylo Ren’s use of the Force has a very simple and not-so-dark origin:

Off the top of my head, the Kylo Ren Force rumble—the really chunky and animalistic rumble—is my cat’s purring. It’s heavily pitched and slowed version of my cat’s purr that becomes Kylo Force rumble.

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We knew that the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game would help bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, but a new interview with the game’s director, Jamie Edin, has provided a few new details:

There will be scenarios where a certain thing happens in the film where you ask, ‘How did we get to this, how did these characters meet, how did this occur?’ and we get to tell some of these stories in the game.

You probably shouldn’t get your hopes up for any kind of huge revelations (this is a goofy LEGO game, after all), but you can probably expect a fair share of “Oh, so that’s why that was like that!” moments.

If you want to possess a BB-8 to have and to hold from this day forward until death do you part, your options aren’t limited. You can buy a $10 Pop figure or drop a couple hundred bucks on the app-controlled Sphero toy. Or, if you’re crafty, have a $120 budget, and know how to follow a YouTube video step-by-step, you can build your own life-size version of the droid that you can control with your phone. Seriously. You don’t even need a 3D printer, just a hardware store, the right tools, and a little patience.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you want to take a deep dive into the pre-visualization and post-visualization process on The Force Awakens, Animation World Network spoke with previs supervisor Brad Alexander and postvis supervisor A.J. Briones. The result is a really in-depth chat about a process that is increasingly vital in large-scale filmmaking that doesn’t receive much attention. For example, they revealed that much of their work was accomplished on software you can go out and buy right now:

For previs, a lot of our software was mainly off the shelf. Maya and After Effects were used for individual shots, and Premiere was used for rough edits.  We did some motion-capture in our volume at HALON for some sequences using our OptiTrak system along with Arena, then clean-up using MotionBuilder.

Okay, is this where we have to draw the line at “Matt the radar technician” fandom? Because a costume is one thing, but getting an SNL parody of a Star Wars character permanently inked on your skin certainly sounds like the kind of thing you regret a decade or so down the line. And yet, it is pretty terrific work from an obviously tilted tattoo artist.

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