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Whenever a new Pixar Animation movie hits theaters, you just know there are going to be a bunch of Easter eggs and references to other movie from the computer animation studio. Finding Dory is no different, and even though the film has only been in theaters for a few days, there’s already a list of Easter eggs out there that you may not have noticed.

Some of the Finding Dory Easter eggs are really easy to spot, such as the traditional A113 nod to the classroom number at the California Institute of Arts where many Pixar and Disney animators got their start. Others, like references to the brace-face Darla from Finding Nemo and a reference to WALL-E are a little more difficult to spot in your first viewing. Plus, there’s a few Easter eggs that we know are in the movie, but we’re not entirely sure where they are

Get a rundown of the Finding Dory Easter eggs we know of so far after the jump, but beware of spoilers.

Finding Dory


As longtime Pixar fans know, the letter and number combination of A113 is something that pops up in every single movie from the animation studio. As explained in the opening, it’s the classroom from the California Institute of Arts where many Disney and Pixar animators got their start. This traditional Easter egg actually appears not once, but twice in the movie.

The first appearance of A113 is a little difficult to spot, because it appears as two separate tags on the sea lions Rudder and Fluke. Fluke’s tag reads “A1” and Rudder’s has “13” on it. But if that one was too quick to spot, you’d have to be blind to miss its second appearance on the front license plate of the aquarium truck that is transporting all the fish to Cleveland in the film’s climax. There’s a shot where the license plate is visible for a few seconds, making it impossible to miss.


Pixar’s Address and Year of Incorporation

A113 isn’t the only number that makes an appearance in Finding Dory with some more significant meaning. On the Marine Life Institute boat that grabs Dory out of the water, you’ll notice that the numbers 1200 and 86 appear. They’re not just random numbers as Pixar’s address is 1200 Park Avenue, Emeryville, California and the animation studio became its own company in 1986 after being purchased by Steve Jobs.


Disneyland’s Submarine Voyage

Believe it or not, there’s yet another number-related Easter egg that you likely wouldn’t even notice without any further explanation. In one of the scenes that takes place in the behind the scenes areas of the Marine Life Institute, there’s a water pipe that’s labeled “Seawater Supply TL59.” This is actually a direct reference to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride from Disneyland, which is in itself a reference to Disney history. The ride was formerly known as simply the Submarine Voyage without any Finding Nemo branding, and it just so happened to open as part of Tomorrowland (TL) in 1959. How about that?


Darla from Finding Nemo

All right, this isn’t a math class, so that’s enough with the numbers. Here’s a little reference to one of the characters from Finding Nemo. When Dory is in quarantine by herself at the Marine Life Institute, if you look through her fish tank and into the background on the left, you’ll spot a picture of Darla, the little girl with braces who was notorious for killing fish in Finding Nemo. Does another one of Darla’s relatives live in California, far away from her home in Austraila?

pixar short film Piper

Piper Poster

The short film that precedes Finding Nemo is called Piper, following an adorable little sandpiper bird discovering how to get his own food in the face of the big bad ocean. There’s a chance Piper may not be too far from the Marine Life Institute, because a poster of the little bird can be spotted in the background when Hank takes Dory out of her quarantine tank and puts her into a coffee pot.

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