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Mashable has a great story on how Back to the Future saved the DeLorean from becoming a car lost to obscurity.

Beyond the Marquee shows what it was like to celebrate Back to the Future Day on the Universal Pictures lot:

Hopefully more behind the scenes footage from the We’re Going Back celebration surfaces soon

Above you’ll find 11 things you probably didn’t know about Back to the Future from i09:

back to the future

Back to the Future Day was a huge hit around the world as Entertainment Weekly has learned that 27 million people produced 45 million posts, comments and likes on Facebook tied to Back to the Future Day. In addition, 1 million people around the world RSVP’d for 6,200 Back to the Future themed Facebook events. The United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Canada were the top countries talking about Back to the Future.

Courtesy of Rockyrama, you can listen to Bob Gale reminisce about Back to the Future for 11 minutes.


Just in case you’re worried that all this love for Back to the Future will get Universal interested in some kind of remake of the classic, a report from Deadline reiterates that won’t happen without the approval of Robert Zemeckis. And as we know, that will only happen literally over his dead body.

Finally, The Onion examines how Reagan-era economics effected the characters of Back to the Future:

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