Wonder Woman‘s Patty Jenkins has quite a weight on her shoulders. Not only is she directing the big screen adaptation of DC’s beloved heroine, but she has to prove something to the world: that women can direct a blockbuster just as well as the big boys in the movie industry. And with all of the positive reviews out there, Patty seems to be winning that battle.

Yet this brings us to another big question – who should be the next female director to bring a comic book property to the big screen? Sony seems to think it’ll be Gina Prince-Bythewood with their Silver Sable/Black Cat movie. But let’s look even further. Consider this piece a guidebook to spur on some discussion, along with maybe giving some studio executives an idea or two. Because all of these ladies deserve their chance to shine and show Hollywood the power they hold.


Director: Amma Asante

What She Should Direct: Fables

Known for her dramas and romances, Amma Asante is one of the most underappreciated directors (and actresses) in the last few years. With Belle, she took the historical costume genre in a bold new direction, while introducing the world to the talent that is Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Since then, she’s directed A United Kingdom, which gained much critical praise, and her new film, Where Hands Touch, is looking to do the same.

So what kind of film adaptation could Asante lend her unique talents to? Fables would be an excellent choice. Not only has she proven time and time again that emotional-driven tales are in her “directing blood,” but bringing the beloved Fables to the big screen requires a person who can handle a large ensemble cast, while grasping the finer details of complex, modern day fairy tale. And seriously, who else could make the couple of Bigby Wolf & Snow White have all the levels of romantic beauty fans have wanted? She can. No problem!


Director: Angelina Jolie

What She Should Direct: Saga

Though the world recognizes her for her celebrity status, Angelina Jolie is not a director to dismiss. Not only has she taken on surprising projects like In The Land of Milk and Honey, but she also shows incredible confidence in directing more intense and traditional films, like 2014’s Unbroken. And though By The Sea might have been a bit too much of a personal project for audiences to really embrace, with the right material, Jolie could become one of the best directors out there.

So with that in mind, Saga seems the perfect choice for Jolie to take on. Not only is it a story of a romantic tale set against the backdrop of war (something Angelina is no stranger to), it requires a director who can embrace the genre aspects of the material, while never losing the mature nature that has made Saga such a success with readers and critics. And considering they have worked together before, imagine the great Roger Deakins signing on to be her cinematographer. Jolie could create a Saga movie to be cherished for years to come.


Director: Ava DuVernay

What She Should Direct: Maus

A little while back, there were rumbles that powerhouse director Ava DuVernay was be in the running to direct Marvel’s Black Panther solo movie. Ultimately, she turned it down and took on A Wrinkle in Time, which gained her the historic title of becoming the first black woman to direct a movie with an over $100 million dollar budget. And though this title is quite impressive, it is just another amazing addition to DuVernay’s already impressive resume. Selma, 13th, and various other projects all prove that Ava is going to be one of the greats.

And with all those incredible movies under her belt, the only place to continue going is to the top – which is why the critically acclaimed Maus is right up her alley. Telling the tale of the Holocaust through animals on the big screen would be quite a challenge, but with the faith many have in DuVernay taking on the equally tough Wrinkle in Time, it’s easy to imagine her having the sensitivity to handle the material alongside the necessary technical know-how. The question would be whether she would tell it through CGi or a live-action type of deal (maybe motion capture, like The Jungle Book?), but regardless of which avenue she went, we all know it would be something worth seeing.


Director: Elizabeth Banks

What She Should Direct: Sailor Moon

It’s hard to think that, only a few years ago, no one would ever think of Elizabeth Banks as a big time director. But with Pitch Perfect 2 and the upcoming Charlie’s Angels, Banks has shown the world her passion for directing isn’t going to disappear any time soon. She also has become quite the producer, with such projects as the original Pitch Perfect and titles like Surrogates under her belt. All of this, plus her obvious acting credits, shows that Banks is a triple threat not to messed with.

So with Charlie’s Angels being a nostalgic girl-power team movie, obviously Sailor Moon would be the right project for Banks to tackle. And since she’s been part of ensembles in projects like Magic Mike XXL and Power Rangers, Banks would likely have a grasp on the need for diversity and female empowerment within this adaptation. What would this all equal? Hopefully not a Ghost in the Shell situation, and knowing how much of a class act Banks is, I doubt that would happen.

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