In another perspective from Grindelwald’s speech to his followers, we see the audience apparating away, perhaps after being discovered by the authorities or stopped by Grindelwald’s enemies.

And yet another shot at Grindelwald’s growing army, dressed in dark suits and hats as they walk through some sort of chamber. Or perhaps it’s even a tomb. “Their arrogance is the key to our victory,” Grindewald boldly declares as his numbers grow.

This is more of a visually cool fade transition that shows Dumbledore and Grindelwald facing off, one stern and solemn, the other smirking — though we know they will never meet face-to-face in this film.

Leta Lestrange brings a burst of color to this overly dark trailer with her bright purple cloak and matching hat. She stands overlooking a strange array of tall wooden contraptions inside the French Ministry of Magic (judging by the glass dome ceiling that we saw a glimpse of in the last trailer).

But those tall contraptions are more dangerous than they appear. Leta ends up jumping over the bar to joing Newt and Tina, who are clinging to the contraptions as they swing and move around, the three of them possibly running from someone — or something.

Hey, let’s not forget there are beasts in the title of this series. We saw a few scenes of Newt bringing out his fantastic beasts to aid him in his quest — the Niffler and the dragon-type creature made of seaweed — but here it looks like Newt must tame another giant escaped creature terrorizing the streets of Paris.

“You’re too good, Newt. You never met a monster you couldn’t love,” Leta tells Newt in a quiet moment between them. It’s another hint at the close relationship between Newt and Leta Lestrange, which presumably ended when Leta became engaged to Newt’s older brother Theseus. But there’s still a deep connection between them that we’ll likely see more of, much to Tina’s consternation.

An unknown wizard explores the ruins of Credence’s home, as the objects within float around him. I can’t tell if he’s an Auror or a wizard under the control of Grindelwald, but either way Credence doesn’t seem to be overly friendly with him.

The wizard calls out Credence’s name, but Credence responds by using his Obscurial powers to attack him with the furniture, items, and very walls of his house. It seems like Credence has gained control over his devastating powers that once nearly destroyed the city of New York. But whether he’s using those powers for good is another question.

In a breathless carriage chase scene, Grindelwald escapes on a carriage pulled by Thestrals in a wild rainstorm. He’s chased by a few figures on broomsticks, but parries away their attacks easily.

But Grindelwald’s escape may not be long, as we see an unknown figure wield the Elder Wand, one of the Deathly Hallows and the most powerful wand in existence. I’m going to assume that it’s Dumbledore, since it’s the wand that he owns when the Harry Potter series rolls around 70 years later, but the trailer is deliberately keeping us in the dark. But it’s a significant nod to the Deathly Hallows, which are the three mythic items that will allegedly endow their owner with immortality, and are what united Grindelwald and Dumbledore as children before the death of Dumbledore’s sister set them on different paths.

Newt and Theseus team up against Grindelwald in one of the many epic battles that are sprinkled throughout this trailer. But they both carry expressions of shock on their faces for some reason, as they stare at a giddy Grindelwald in the center of this arena, surrounded by a blue, magic fire that we earlier saw take the form of a dragon.

The most exciting scene of this trailer is saved for last. In a surprising turn of events, Newt and Jacob Kowalsi (Dan Fogler) meet Nicholas Flamel, Dumbledore’s friend and colleague and creator of the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone. Having consumed the Elixir of Life that he created from the Philospher’s Stone for several centuries, he has essentially rendered himself immortal — though his brittle body can barely withstand a strong handshake. But this is a nice surprise that may be more than a nod to the Harry Potter series. With Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s dual hunt for immortality through the Deathly Hallows, Nicolas Flamel may play a pivotal part in this oncoming wizarding war.

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