Ethan Anderton’s Top 10 Movies of 2018 So Far

Top 10 Movies of 2018 So Far

While the fresh hellscape that is every day of 2018 brings a new nightmare multiple times a day, the movies this year have provided us some kind of escape. As usual, some of those movies have done it better than others, and that’s why members of the /Film team are counting down their favorite movies of the year at the halfway point of 2018. Now it’s my turn.

In order to qualify for our lists, obviously we had to have seen the movie already, but the movie didn’t have to be released before the midway point of the year. As long a movie has a release date for 2018, it’s eligible. So let’s get down to the wide variety of movies that impressed me enough to make my Top 10 Movies of 2018 So Far, including a #1 pick that will probably stir the pot just a little bit.

Ethan Anderton’s Top 10 Movies of 2018 So Far

hereditary promo

10. Hereditary

Obviously, this movie is ranking much higher on other lists naming the best movies of 2018 so far. But while this is a movie that I was thoroughly unsettled and creeped out by, that wasn’t enough for director Ari Aster‘s fantastic film to make it to the top. But this terrifying, beautifully shot, masterfully scored story of a family being torn apart by an invisible hand of dread is simply outstanding. Plenty of credit goes to Toni Collette for turning in an Oscar-worthy performance in a genre that isn’t typically recognized for acting talent. She’s the anchor for a movie that doesn’t really need one as every facet of this psychological horror thriller is finely tuned and crafted.

a quiet place sequel

9. A Quiet Place

It’s been a damn good year for horror, and if you need more evidence of that, look no further than A Quiet Place. The sleeper hit of the spring really showed us how skilled The Office star John Krasinski is behind the camera. Who would have though that he would give us one of the tightest, high concept sci-fi horror stories in years that features not only horrifying monsters and endless suspense, but a big beating heart, bolstered by the natural chemistry of Krasinski working with his wife Emily Blunt. Plenty of credit also goes to child stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe for delivering the kind of performances that Steven Spielberg used to pull from kids.

Eighth Grade Trailer - Elsie Fisher

8. Eighth Grade

Prepare to live your awkward teenage years all over again as comedian Bo Burnham digs into the world of middle school with his hilarious, touching debut feature Eighth Grade. Despite being a 28-year old man, Burnham has perfectly illustrated what teenage life is like for a socially awkward teen finishing the last week of eighth grade as she prepares for high school. From awkward YouTube advice to stammering while talking to a cute boy, young Elsie Fisher makes this movie one of the most authentic coming of age movies in recent memory. You feel her embarrassment, cheer for her success, and want nothing but the best for her, almost as if she was your kid. You won’t want to miss this one when it starts hitting theaters on July 13. For more, you can read my full review over here, and watch the trailer to see what we’re talking about.

7. Bodied

Battle rap was prominently featured in the Eminem-starring drama 8 Mile. But that movie barely scraped the surfaced of rhythmic insults. Thankfully, Eminem has returned as producer to deliver a scathing social satire that is rife with politically incorrect commentary and affronts to every kind of person imaginable.

Bodied is a stylized story of an awkward but clever and progressive graduate student (Calum Worthy) who takes the rap battle scene by storm while writing a thesis about it. He spits rhymes out every bit as good as reigning champions, facing off with a variety of faces. The words fly faster than punches, making for a movie that’s like Scott Pilgrim vs the World with battle rap. Everyone is somehow going to be offended by this movie from music video director Joseph Kahn, but that’s kind of the point. See it with an open mind and be impressed by the lyrical wizardry, razor sharp comedy, and genuinely thrilling rap battles. The movie will hit theaters and YouTube Red sometime this year.

Incredibles 2 Spoiler Review

6. Incredibles 2

The pressure was on for the Pixar sequel to match the original 2004 animated superhero family adventure, but director Brad Bird absolutely delivered a thoroughly satisfying follow-up to his beloved first film. Incredibles 2 brings back all of the family bickering and love that made The Incredibles so great, but he introduces some new challenges for every family member to face. Just as The Incredibles was about a family that happened to have superpowers, Incredibles 2 is about that family figuring out how to get by when times are tough and they all have to help each other out in more ways than one. Plus, it’s full of some of Pixar’s most stunning animation, superbly crafted action sequences, and another energetic score by composer Michael Giacchino. Sequels that take this long to make are rarely this praiseworthy, but never doubt the power of Pixar. For more, check out my spoiler review for Incredibles 2.

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