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In today’s edition of Episode 8 Bits:

  • A group of “urban explorers” take some pretty great pictures of the Millennium Falcon.
  • Irish set photos reveal a new alien of some kind.
  • Chewbacca visits a school to hang out with the local youth.
  • Lucasfilm thanks Ireland for hosting their shoot.
  • The latest wacky theory about Rey’s parentage.
  • A potential spoiler about Luke Skywalker.

There is a full-size Millennium Falcon parked in the woods near Star Wars: Episode 8‘s Pinewood Studios set and we know this because people keep on “stumbling” into it and taking lovely pictures that probably have the Lucasfilm legal department furrowing their brows and exploring their options. The latest round of photos arrived at Oblivion State (a “British urban exploration forum“) and you can click that link if you want to check out a large gallery of images. Of all the set photos that have made their way online so far, these are undeniably the best of the bunch. They’re taken with great care, showcasing the famous ship from every possible angle. The photographer even ventures inside of the Falcon, offering a fun look at how the exterior versions of the ship are detailed facades with nothing inside save for a few support beams.

Speaking of photos you’ll need to click over to another site to check out because we live in a highly litigious society, Star Wars News Net has posted a very intriguing picture from Episode 8‘s Irish set. From a distance, it just looks like the crew gathered around some king of a brown blob. If you zoom in, you’ll note that the brown blob is actually a massive humanoid shape, mostly likely a practical alien special effect. It’s impossible to tell if this is a friend or a foe, but considering the location, it certainly looks like Luke Skywalker and Rey won’t be alone on Ahch-To.

Having a major film production working in your neck of the woods has a few benefits. A lot of money is pumped into the local economy, you can become internet-famous after you snap photos of blurry aliens at a distance, and, if you’re really lucky, Chewbacca will visit you at school. Garret Daly shared a few pictures of the galaxy’s most famous Wookiee paying his nephew’s school a visit and they’re nothing short of adorable.

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