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In today’s edition of Episode 8 Bits:

  • Oscar Isaac talks about the future of Poe Dameron.
  • The Star Wars: Episode 8 production continues to leap all around Ireland.
  • Drone footage reveals a new look at the Millennium Falcon.
  • Yoda may return for Episode 8.
  • A spoiler-y description of a major action scene.

Oscar Isaac was the subject of a recent Rolling Stone profile and while the timing is all about X-Men: Apocalypse, some of the most fun and interesting moments revolve around his work as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars saga. For example, the article confirms what we’ve heard before – portions of the opening attack on the village on Jakku were reshot to be less grim, which meant allowing Isaac to break out a bunch of wisecracks:

All of the funny lines – including one about Poe being unable to hear Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren through his helmet, and the “who talks first” exchange – were added in reshoots, and Isaac improvised some of them. He’s always pushing to complicate and deepen Poe, who started as little more than a charming archetype. “We’re making shit up as we go,” he says.

The “making shit up as we go” thing isn’t entirely inaccurate. After all, Poe was originally scripted to die when the TIE Fighter he steals with Finn crash lands on Jakku. There’s still not a lot of his character down on the page, but we still like him because Isaac is infinitely charming. There’s still plenty of room to define him moving forward. Isaac also noted that Episode 8 will follow the pattern established by the original trilogy and will be the “dark second chapter”:

In the new film, there’s a lot more to do. What happens now is the heroes get tested. All three of them [Dameron, Daisy Ridley’s Rey and John Boyega’s Finn] get tested immensely…BB-8 gets tested too! Everybody gets tested! It’s the dark second chapter, but not really dark.

And while it should have been obvious, here is Isaac essentially confirming that Poe Dameron will be around for Star Wars: Episode 9:

It’s the first time in my life when things have been mapped out for quite some time. I’m basically Star War-ring until 2020.

Hey, there are far worse things your could be doing for the next four years.

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While Oscar Isaac chats it up in interviews, a few of his Episode 8 cast mates are keeping busy. Filming in Ireland has continued at a gallop and Radio Kerry reports that the production has officially moved into Ceann Sibéal, where the “beehive huts” were constructed to recreate Luke’s island home. Here are the details:

A flurry of activity has erupted in West Kerry ahead of the six-day Star Wars shoot in Ceann Sibéal. Filming in the Corca Dhuibhne Gaeltacht began in earnest today with stunts scenes shot at Ceann Sibéal.

Production is also reportedly underway on scenes featuring Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the franchise. The shoot at Ceann Sibéal west of Dingle, where beehive huts have been constructed, is expected to last six days.

A no-fly-zone is in effect in the area until May 26th.

Filming at Ceann Sibéal will reportedly take place later in the day during the evenings and it is understood some Dingle restaurants have been approached to keep their kitchens open after 10pm. Dún Mór in Dún Chaoin, near Commenoule Strand and which was also featured in Ryan’s Daughter, is said to form the final part of the shoot.

Lead actor Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, Rian Johnson and Adam Driver flew into Ireland last week to shoot scenes at Malin Head in Donegal and Brow Head in Cork.

Despite all of the security Disney was supposedly implementing to protect the sets from aerial photography, the drone footage continues to come in. Today, we have our best look yet at the Millennium Falcon parked on a Surrey set.

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