Donald Glover Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

This was a solid rendition of Weekend Update, but it’s Michael Che that stole the show with a couple of big, bold punchlines that brought some well-deserved groans and laughs. Colin Just had some good ones too, but Che was the star this time around for sure.

Pete Davidson on Colin Jost and Michael Che Hosting Emmys – There should be a Weekend Update where Pete Davidson ribs someone on every episode. He’s done a Comedy Central roast before, and here he does a little bit of roasting of Jost and Che that makes us feel like we’re just hanging out with these guys behind the scenes.

Leslie Jones on Facebook’s Dating Feature – Whenever Leslie Jones has a Weekend Update appearance that involves a lot of interaction with Colin Jost, it’s usually pretty good. But there wasn’t really anything about this particular segment with Jones that made me laugh. Felt a little dead on arrival and felt rather pointless.

The Host

Goddamn it, Donald Glover is so charming. At times he feels like he is Lando Calrissian. And on top of that, he’s also so damn hilarious. The premise for the monologue is a simple one where Glover has enough confidence in himself that he can do anything any of the other cast members can do. What unfolds is a cavalcade of mishaps where Glover isn’t all that good at everything. However, the timing didn’t seem to work very well as Glover went along, and it felt like that hurt some of the laughs a bit. But Glover made it work as best he could.


Saturday Night Live - Kenan Thompson and Donald Glover

Kenan Thompson – While Donald Glover could have easily been the MVP of this episode as he fit right in with the cast of SNL, that was to be expected. So this week we’re giving this to Kenan Thompson, who was great throughout this entire episode and prominent in almost every single sketch of the evening.

The Final Word

This is a great way to kick off the final trio of episodes of the 43rd season of Saturday Night Live. Hopefully Donald Glover isn’t too busy to come back every now and then to host SNL. He’s one of the best first-time hosts we’ve had this season, and he’s only going to become more famous as his career continues. We will continue to look forward to his career with great interest.

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